yeah, the real reason a company gets saddled with a monorepo is that they've hired a lot of xooglers who don't feel like learning new tools.

i watched this start to play out at twitter as they drowned out the patient explanations of more experienced devs and started a failed project to try to create an entire new build system to alleviate the problems of a monorepo

i think the real problem is that a lot of devs hear "just make a release" as "eat your vegetables".

they will do any amount of other work -- including spend 6 months writing a new build system -- if they can then avoid learning about or doing frequent releases

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@robey not necessarily because people are lazy... once I've seen a monorepo where the head of software engineering integrated everything into his own project's repo so he would have power over all other projects as well.

@ytg it *does* often seem to have a kind of "control freak" tinge to it when someone is insisting on putting your code into their giant repo :(

@robey we ended up with a monorepo thanks to the insanity of Puppet. Now that we have ditched that for Ansible, I’d like to go back to polyrepo but until we start actually doing micro services, I don’t think it will happen. And because of some of the tight coupling that was permissible with the monorepo, going to micro services will take a good bit of refactoring.

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