These TV shows about competitive dessert making are kind of fun but I'm just so disappointed at the end when the Oompa Loompas fail to show up.

can't stop thinking about how someone actually made this chess meme.

we could improve spreadsheets dramatically if good coders were willing to stoop to working on things that normal people use...

today i discovered that the "iferror" function in a spreadsheet doesn't squash missing cells, it also squashes *syntax errors in the formula*

my bit is calling thanksgiving "black friday eve"

even tho we're not having our traditional big thanksgiving party today, i've still found a way to be totally stressed out by failing to time-manage a very small batch of dinner rolls 😓


biden has really good speech writers. (i just watched the thanksgiving address)

they hit this note somewhere between jesus and mister rogers and a mythical grandfather figure that works well with his voice. past presidents would be mocked for saying that what makes america work is "love"... but somehow he sells it

uspol joke 

it was after watching "get out", and after pardoning a turkey, that trump had his "eureka" moment and started calling neurosurgeons...

me after Thanksgiving 2019: "that was almost too many people to fit in the house! I wish I had a way to handle the size of the event for next year"

*monkey paw closes a finger*

the problem with yall tooting so much on holidays is that i can't keep up and this server doesn't keep more than about 200 toots :(

i wasn't meaning to find this meme but i found it and i feel that its true habitat is here on mastodon

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