on a lark, i wondered if git has a better way of deleting remote branches now, besides the hoary old "colon means delete"...

and they do! who says a broken tool can't learn new things!

the new way is `git push origin --delete branch`

I love how powerful browsing Aliexpress makes me feel!

it's legit crazy to me that it's *intentional* that google-meet (video conference software) can't deal with two coworkers talking at once support.google.com/meet/thread

turns out! the way to keep lip balm long enough to use it up without losing the tube... is to never leave home for a year

"This is probably not the update you want." bodhi.fedoraproject.org/update

The result of Google restricting their services to particular user-agents and builds.

Are standards really standards if you only let yourself (and maybe one friend) participate?

(HT @mhoye for the link)

RT @YearCovid
24 Jan 2020

LA Times: "Should you panic about the coronavirus from China? Experts say no"

"If this were a Hollywood movie, now would be time to panic. In real life, however, all that most Americans need to do is wash their hands"

Total deaths: 31


imagine being so popular that on *someone else's* inauguration day, you were the main event, even tho you didn't do anything but sit quietly.

I just learned that “Putting On the Ritz” sounds like “Putin is a Cucumber” in Russian and that there’s a whole meme about this over there, and honestly this is 10x funnier than any other meme about this song.

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