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Hackers 2 takes place in 2022. Dade's son goes by Cash Override and dies in an NFT explosion, so the old crew reunites to flash GPU firmwares to halt cryptomining and save the Earth.

why is the grass upside down in this picture

are they on an orbital

Neat! Moshix and other Hercules (IBM #Mainframe emulator) users are setting up a new BITNET called HNET.

Looking it up on Wikipedia, BITNET is a pure store-and-forward network. And, BITNET's "relay" chat system is the inspiration behind Internet Relay Chat. I hadn't known that.

today's is devestating

Wordle 219 6/6


RT @lunasorcery
The US birth rate has increased again, as of the end of 2020 it's now approx. 0.598 Miles per hour.

this is the "fuck you" sleep implementation for embedded software: spin in a tight loop at full power like a petulant child refusing to take a nap

Wordle 218 4/6


A multi billion dollar company emails OSS devs they never paid a cent to demanding a response for free within 24 hours with lots of info 😂

too many words end in those letters 😆

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