it's a small thing. but when i command-click a link to open it in a new tab, and it ignores me and replaces the current page anyway, i am filled with blind rage at that website

if you need to split something into thirds, i sometimes find it easier to mentally split it into ninths and then take three of those

Tucker, to me, will always be that dude who invited Jon Stewart to his show for a cheap laugh, and Stewart visited and told him he was a bad person who was hurting America. Tucker complained that Stewart wasn't as funny as he'd been promised and Stewart shot back "I'm not your monkey." CNN promptly fired Tucker and his execrable show, and he ran to fox with his tail between his legs

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now that everyone knows about the LDB game, it's been removed from every retail store's playlist... we're erasing this song from history

wow, a simple search for the current PS4 version of civilization reveals a dark underbelly where apparently the current owners of the "civilization" brand *hate* consoles, so none have ever been released :(

I'm not a gamer, I don't care about these internecine wars, I just want to play civilization :(

"but friend of friends!" you say, "even a brain of your magnificant incandescence must admit that--"

"shhhhh..." i whisper, as i gently tap your lips with my finger. "now is not the time for dullards. listen!"

if we all pull together, this could be the last century of the very tiresome trope: "imaginary conversation with someone who isn't a GENIUS like ME"

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this is a really interesting deep-dive into how linux calculates "load average":

spoiler: it's not an average, just a few exponentially decaying running totals; it's a count of running AND blocked processes; and it's been this way since someone mailed a patch in 1993

so we finna do this?

a federated strike against mega-instances to encourage moving people into other ones to encourage decentralization?

why were the streets covered in plastic in the 1980s?

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How do I get invited to be a mentor for more things. I love teaching people and helping move people through their careers, use my knowledge! I've launched a civic tech service to 30m people! In javascript!

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