what in the name of our holiest kate bush...?! google marketing is a long game troll

(article in previous toot)

If ASN.1 was so good why isn't there an ASN.2?

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Stop what you’re doing and watch Singapore’s vaccine PSA

I've discovered the single greatest article opener of all time (from Gay Life, 1986)

Still now, when I think about Amazon Prime Day, it saddens me to see how the holiday has become so cheapened. It’s all about getting the best deals, and no one stops to think about the true reason for the season: absolutely destroying independent bookstores.


the neighbors are a hoot :)

(yes they just used an old meme, but still funny)

nine men's morris, chess, when is monads gonna get really into picross. im ready.

someone implemented a frame of cellular automation in the predictive decoder language inside JPEG-XL: dbohdan.com/wiki/jpeg-xl

why is there going to be a windows 11

who is asking for more windows

Remember that “three Worf Morn” smart watch face I made as a joke? I regret to inform you that I’ve started wearing it unironically. [cw face]

Broadband Need • New map of real data about Internet performance in the US broadbandusa.maps.arcgis.com/a #linkblog #via:metafilterinternetfccbroadbanddigitaldividetootme

from birdsite, pol. 

"We are flying electric helicopters on Mars, but we can't use the dryer in Texas. This is because scientists are in charge of Mars and Republicans are in charge of Texas."

dug out my commuter backpack (it's enormous) for our first camping trip since the Before Times, and it was a snapshot of my commute life, i had never unpacked it, just dumped it in a corner "until may"

contents included:
- a bunch of crumpled up napkins
- several sharpies (why?)
- 3 energy bars
- 2 spare sets of earbuds
- 1 pack of macadamia nuts i have no memory of even buying
- 4 (F O U R) whatchamacallit bars, unmelted

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As a...
– gmail user
I want to...
– have drafts saved automatically
so that...
– I can pick up where I left off on this empty email with no recipients or subject.

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