twitter vs musk 

nice long-read about how dumb musky baby is and how he appears to be trying to clown his way out of the twitter purchase

"Innovation" has become a curseword, thanks to...innovation. Some of the world's most imaginative, best-funded sociopaths have spent decades innovating ways to fuck you over. While the whole tech sector likes to get in on this game, no one "innovates" like inkjet printer companies.

Printer companies are true fuckery pioneers: the tactical innovations they've developed in the war on their customers would make Otto von Bismarck blush.


Hey instance admins. Do you have SSH for your Gitea instance enabled via OpenSSH? Then be aware that you should add `AcceptEnv GIT_PROTOCOL` to your `/etc/ssh/sshd_config` file! This enables Git Wire Protocol v2 for Git over SSH.

If you're using Gitea's Internal SSH Server, this behavior will be enabled in v1.17.1

Boost are are welcome for awareness.

this was the right answer... pop!os just fucked up their dependencies somehow:

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lol latest pop!os update has a conflict making it uninstallable... someone had (is having?) a wild friday night

whew, the rust embedded ecosystem is EXTREMELY low-level

like, so low level that if you want to talk over the feather's usb uart, you need to build all the usb objects yourself, pick a device id, and figure out a way to periodically call the usb polling routine...

i think i'll stick with python for now

re last boost: i've never used gitlab, because several years ago they were in the news for a reason that indicated they know nothing about running a production service... BUT

i can still recommend gitea, it's been working well for me for the entire pandemic so far. you install it yourself on an AWS or gcloud machine (very easy) and then you control all the data.

"GitLab plans to automatically delete projects if they've been inactive for a year and are owned by users of its free tier." says The Register.

"GitLab is aware of the potential for angry opposition to the plan, and will therefore give users weeks or months of warning before deleting their work. A single comment, commit, or new issue posted to a project during a 12-month period will be sufficient to keep the project alive."

(This is not the place to vent your feelings pro or con about this policy. I'm sure gitlab has official forums or whatever for that)

to help yall avoid amplifying spastic things so much, i've made a template you can just read and feel self-satisfaction each time instead of boosting the latest iteration of it:

"to everyone saying [completely nuts thing that nobody is saying], [completely overblown reaction that sounds even more nuts out of context]! *mic drop*"

last boost: i also really really want this... my daily routine is to load pinafore and keep scrolling down until i recognize some toots and have "found my place"

it's like reading a book without a bookmark. you get used to it but it's a daily annoyance that seems easy to fix.

Open question for the fediverse: is there a Tweetbot-like app that exists for Mastodon?

I really like how Tweetbot lets me keep track of my timeline read position and syncs it between all my devices, but I'm not aware of any options like that for Mastodon.

I've been using Toot! and that works quite well, but doesn't sync my timeline positions between devices.

lol... "esp32 finally has arm64 compile tools, only several years late!"

[downloads new tools]

> file xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc
Mach-O x86_64


these clowns just dressed up the emulated x86 binaries in a trench coat and hoped we wouldn't notice

(╯ °□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻

i got an rp2040 feather dev board (and tiny oled screen because i'm insatiable)

random thoughts:
- the specs on this board are wild! (dual-core M0, 8MB flash, 256K ram)
- dragging files to a fake USB drive is a cool way to flash a build
- now i need to go read up on wtf UF2 format is
- why was it necessary to fork micropython? (sigh)
- python code to light up the neopixel and draw on the oled was possible within minutes (nice!!!)

next i'm going to try to replicate this using the rust libraries

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