me, opening hall & oates "private eyes": oh, this only had 2 hits... oh well let's give it a shot...

me, one hour later: that was the best one by far, basically every track a winner

re: Unexpected anti-fascism 

I never did end up expanding on this idea, but now that I've gotten some rest, I can.

Why do I think that anti-fascists fly mexican flags in Wenatchee?

Alright, so when I was driving through Wenatchee, I noticed cars driving around with full-sized mexican flags. I took note of it. It's an interesting and weird bit of information. Central Washington is a very long way to go from mexico for a mexican immigrant community to establish itself.

After a few more hours driving west, I finally puzzled through it.

Wenatchee, and the surrounding areas, are orchard country. Wenatchee runs along the Columbia river, and the water there feeds orchards. This area is massively dependent on immigrant labor to harvest the orchards.

As I was driving through wenatchee, I noticed every single orchard with "workers needed" signs on them.

But what I noticed a conspicuous absence of? Trump flags. Not a single trump flag in the Wenatchee area.

What I think is going on in wenatchee, is the lack of immigrant labor is allowing mexican immigrant laborers to exercise labor power. The mexican flags they're flying from their cars are a sort of labor strike declaration.

What the mexican flags are saying is "you need us, and you need our labor, and we know what those trump flags mean, and if you fly those trump flags, you will have absolutely no one to harvest your crops."

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I've been working on this for three months and it's finally done. 78 pages on the history of leather, sluts, and families at US Prides, from 1965 to 1995. Includes background on Pride as a polyvocal celebration and leather as a queer subculture; multifarious sexual and gender expression at Pride; the Lesbian Sex Wars; reaction from the right; and the interplay of radical and normalizing forces within LGBTQ activism.

"In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, recipes for making soy sauce at home appeared in English and American cookbooks. Since soybeans were not widely available, these recipes used local ingredients such as mushrooms, walnuts, and fish...

Tomato was another popular ingredient for making American "soy" sauce... The names for these varying sauces were "ketchups," or "catch-ups," or "catsups," derived from the Indonesian word for soy sauce: ketjap."

-- "Eight Flavors"

ketchup is soy sauce????????????????

the naming of rust's `Copy` and `Clone` constantly throws me... i think of cloning something as being "more intense" than "just making a copy" (like cloning a sheep vs photocopying a document), and rust uses them the other way around:

almost anything can be `Clone` because it builds a new similar-ish object (like a photocopier)

but `Copy` uses bitblt to make the exact same object, and is much more restrictive

I was apparently wrong recently regarding copyright on Hacker News

In a discussion of police playing copyrighted music to trigger automated takedowns of civillian video, someone pointed out that a recent US Supreme Court decision invalidated copyrightholders' right to sue US states for copyright infringement.

One would presume this might extend to any entity operating as state government.

Say, for the sake of argument, a state university library system.

Which would mean that such a system might take upon itself to, for whatever reason, host Sci-Hub, LibGen, or ZLibrary, in a legally-immune status.

That would be an interesting development.

(There's no specific need for it to be a library system. It could be the forestry department, prisons, or an individual legislator or elected official.)

Boosts appreciated.

#Copyright #SciHub #LibGen #ZLibrary #Immuity #Impunity #SCOTUS

Bypass Paywalls Clean • Firefox extension that works for passing paywalls. There's a Chrome version but Google won't let you use it easily. #linkblog #paywallsfirefoxbrowsernewstootme

nothing like seeing "exactly once delivery" as the first three words and knowing i can close the tab immediately because it's either hype, ignorant, or (most likely) both

this sketch of a rewrite of Star Trek Generations starts off a little rough but I would have loved to have seen this filmed instead of the movie we got. it understands and respects the characters in a way the actual Generations completely failed to.

i missed that today was the 50th anniversary of the columbo premier! happy birthday!

this criticism is really entirely about python's package ecosystem, but it runs true to me:

for my last public python project, I even got complaints that I had used poetry... as if the alternative isn't worse!

It's only a Minotaur if it's from the Labyrinth region of Crete, otherwise it's just sparkling cow fursona

big apple event and they hawked a bunch of stuff nobody cares about and forgot to upgrade the macbook pro smdh

when i switched back to linux laptops 3 years ago, i was still thinking about waiting for the "fixed" macbooks... man, i would be soooooo angry right now if i had! 😂

what's that? you said that you wish there were just some way you could make shenzhen i/o circuit schematics in kicad but don't have the symbols for them?

oh, you didn't say that?

well, regardless

it's real: the first assembled MNT RKX7. an open hardware kintex-7 fpga SoM with many peripherals for MNT Reform (or other projects).

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