centrists: thanks for voting for the lesser evil!
centrists: can i offer you a little light bombing in this trying time?

Been hearing a lot about the evolution of the FF logo, but this was unexpected...

an article that refers to ISO-8601 (the standard internet date format) as "lesser known"

small brain: we'll use a really big prime number
galaxy brain: they'll never suspect imaginary numbers

python: "batteries included!"

also python: "no package management is installed! choose one of these eleven and install it yourself!"

me: ...

python: "after you pick one, everyone will hate your project because you didn't pick the one out of eleven that was their personal favorite!"

soatok's article about the awful java crypto API reminded me that we had to wrap it in all kinds of crazy ways to make ssh portable in jaramiko:

lobsters comment: "i've already posted this on /r/frobnovich but..."

really? so? who cares? did you also shout it into a paper bag? was it a huge ordeal for you to write your comment on a high-signal message board in addition to some random sewer? 🙄

"apt upgrade"
"installing 53 new packages, ok?"
"done before you finished hitting enter! lol"

"apt autoremove"
"just a few header files to remove, ok?"
"see you at the heat death of the universe!"
[wall clock starts spinning humorously]

reading this blog post from nextcloud, extolling how "scalable" their php stack is... really makes me reconsider my nextcloud installation

not because of ill will toward php people! ... just because anyone who thinks "i can run my front-end on multiple machines" means "it is now scalable" is pretty clueless about server infrastructure :(

me last night: "ok a half hour of skyrim before bed"

[game launches, mid dungeon]
me: "oh i'm too full to pick up this treasure"
[backtrack to outside]
[fast travel to discombobulate a new magic weapon and learn its secrets]
[fast travel to the 3 shops that still have money to buy various things from me]
[fast travel back to the dungeon entrance]
me: "welp that's a half hour. bedtime!"

i dont know who needs to hear this, but if you want your cool new protocol / file format to be a standard, DO NOT PATENT IT

RT @kallllisti
Let me introduce you to the Melanistic Kodkod or Guiña. Native to central and southern Chile. Smallest wild cat in the Americas, weighing in at 5 lbs on average 😭🐈‍⬛🖤

we got a gift subscription to “snacks from around the world” and i think my favorite so far is these ukrainian wasabi pringles slabs

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