for the gritty realism each time picard ordered tea he should have tried to sip it and go "ooh hot" and then they should end every scene with him going "oh fuck my tea"

if you ever somehow feel bad about your abilities as a software developer


i have a device that does nothing but circulate and heat water

its firmware is on version 123.52 a process einstein and rosen called “quantum intrepidation” in a 1936 paper...

"The main reason for the existence of the ACS is to enable amateur computer builders to help each other, saving time and money by trading ideas."

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Apple software 

selfie, mask 

some fun quotes from the Apollo 11 mission (that's the one where they landed on the moon)


me: "wow, this everything but the girl album came out roughly at the same time as true blue, but it holds up! it's as relevant today as it was then!"

rus: "yes... as relevant today as it was then... that's kind of an indictment..."

... which would have saved my character and let me continue playing. instead, everything is lost and all i have is the memory of the start of what might have been a fun campaign.

oh well. onward.

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it's bizarre to me that book-based RPGs are often played by *very* tech-savvy people... yet they're fine with using a bunch of broken shit that looks vastly more complex to write/maintain than a basic website.

that previous RPG literally required a custom app (which crashed frequently, natch) running under a windows VM -- why???

i have too many side projects already, but honestly... the D&D character sheet is so simple, a web monkey could turn it into an editable html page in probably one day.

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then we received versions in a totally different format, edited by the GM, which "document viewer" didn't see as editable.

"just use chrome" they said, so (sighhhh) i launched chrome just to edit my character and provide stats and backstory.

today i found out that chrome failed to save them correctly so my changes are all gone.

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