After two weeks of internal auditing, I can related to this highlight.

🚲 We went from "Abu don't let go!" to "get out of the way!!!". Great day.

When you're a fake handyman, just use longer screws to fix things … Let the wall deal with your ineptitude.

🎧 Really enjoying my wired SteelSeries Arctis 1 for work. Super confortable, good enough sound, and the mic is excellent for calls on a noisy office environment.

Practicing foam for when we have full house over the holidays.

CoffeeGeek Aeropress Go First Look

This is the first real review of the new @aeropresshq go. And it's looking great!

Really good Cappuccino at Don Yoyo (Ezcazu Village). Also, surprisingly nice co-working space.

W00t @Cloudflare Warp seems to be out! Will be testing next few days, but internet seems snappy™ (referral link if anyone wants to try)

Probably coming soon, but I really miss the Find my Friends widget in iOS 13.

The Descript Podcast Studio & Overdub video is all kinds of amazing.

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