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Hola! I'll be moving to as we say farewell to the great instance 🖖

Hola! I'll be moving to as we say farewell to the great instance 🖖

Testing post via Obsidian and new mastodon integration.

Tana seems to want to be way more than a PKM, rather an everything knowledge manager with collaboration. Signed up for invite, let’s see. My love for Obsidian still continues.

Wondering if Amazon today announces a Kindle with pen support. Feels like the market has grown enough.

Changes to reMarkable Connect

Our new approach is simple: Everything that happens on the paper tablet, comes with the paper tablet. Integrating with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, converting handwritten notes into text, sending your notes by email, and presen...

Oh crap. The Freewrite Alpha is one of those need generating products. I can hear myself think “if I had this I could write more”.

Finished reading: The Way I Heard It by Mike Rowe 📚Amazing audiobook. I learned, was entertained and it made me think. What else can you ask of a good book? Also, one of my new favorite audiobooks, because the narration by the author really comes through.

I find the Obsidian Influx plugin very intriguing. Haven’t had time to play with it, but will do soon.

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