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Roberto Mateu

False alarm. Took a new screenshot and re-downloaded icons from and everything back to normal.

Dammit. Seems iOS 12 breaks my icon arrangement blank spaces.

Jumping all audiobooks on my queue so I can start listening to Creative selection.

Samsung: Our mid-range phones will get cutting-edge features before our flagships

This is something you just do. And let the market figure out. If you announce it's vapor marketing plan.

Products should be able to experiment and not be afraid to try new things. But the Skype Snapchat rip-off was the stupidest thing I've seen a company do with their product. Good for them that they're correcting, but probably too late.

I've reached a point in my family life in which we take road trips with a portable toilets

Westworld S02 Spoiler Show more

I love Apple summer rumor season. Likely getting an 2018 iPhone X to upgrade my iPhone 7. My wife's iPhone 8+ shots of the kids are really so much better.

More little watercolors. #mastoart #creativetoots #watercolor # nature [Image: three watercolor paintings of silhouettes at sunset.]

I kicked off my Surface Go review today. Please boost far and wide, I think this is one that many Apple fans will be interested in reading.

Subscribed to Instapaper Premium again. It's probably the App I've had installed the longest on my iPhone/iPad

It has taken me about 10 years to go from being the object of this joke, to understanding it enough to know it's not a joke:

Choosing between Amazon and Walmart/Kobo's new eBook store really is about the lesser of two evils. But I've been taking some distance from the Kindle store ecosystem

For non-DRM audiobooks, has been great.

Very very excited about the new DayOne release. Let's see how they deal with the markdownless editor. But the audionotes and dark mode will likely make me upgrade to premium.

Ghost 2.0 looks great. I was a kickstarter backer, but the original promise of simpler Wordpress isn't fulfilled yet/ever(?). I kinda took a similar route, and the hosting plans are crazy. Still, the more blogging engine the better imo.

Seems like I picked a good time to switch from T-Mobile to Project Fi for International data usage.