Shards of Earth, a book by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Fun start to a series. Less of a space opera, and more a space adventure. Many characters of which I'd love to read more about. Will surely read next in series.

@roberto I understand us nerds that have the insight re: their move to Electron giving it a 🤨 but I believe the 1P team, which is heavily invested in by Apple, could not have made the decision lightly. They very well may be making the move to improve the user's overall experience.

cc @jackbaty @Balestrapatrick

First Look at the Official Readwise Obsidian Plugin

Looks very good. Will likely change a few workflows to use ir.

Been a while since I visited the mastodon garden – this is nice.

Limitations on digital assets I "own", is one of the reasons to unlock and move to a standard format whenever possible. In this case, from Kindle to ePub.

Funny story: I knew nothing about the book until Robie – our mini space fanatic – picked it in a bookstore based on the cover.

My daily driver on the right, and something completely different for the afternoon on the left.

Sometimes the scientific method just means:

> I have no idea of what I'm doing… let me take notes.

In contrast to the Caribbean attitude of “Just wait until the rain passes.”

Once in Oslo, I didn’t wake up for a run because it was raining. My Norwegian friend couldn’t fanthom why: 1) I didn’t call to cancel, and 2) what rain had to do with it.

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