version 0.11.3 has just been released! This release fixes the recent issues with channels / comments not loading properly. We also merged a change to improve the usability of the search bar.

Check out the full release notes here (Even though there isn't much this time around):

You can download the latest release over on the website:

Just to make sure I'm getting this right: what's the practical advantage of @FreeTube over #NewPipe? :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:


@tetrapyloctomist @FreeTube Newpipe is for android, FreeTube for desktop. You can import newpipe's sub file in freetube and have the same subscriptions there.

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Thanks @robb for pointing out the compatibility between #NewPipe and #FreeTube! 👍
I'm really looking forward to see @FreeTube growing :mastolove:

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