Robert boosted underlines its commitment to a better world by offering the #Fairphone 3+ as a company device, giving every employee the option to choose to carry a piece of #sustainability in their pocket. 📱 🌿

Full video ➡️ :

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Same big impact, now at a lower price 📱 💚

We've dropped the price of our #Fairphone 3 and 3+, making it even easier to own the world’s most #sustainable #smartphones. Good for the planet and your wallet.

Take a look 👉 :

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Join co-founder Cassidy James Blaede tomorrow for a live Q&A and a demo of some features coming to the new elementary OS.

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I updated 29 gemini texts of my blog to add alternative text in pre-formatted block.

This looks like this

```shell commands adding an user
sudo -i
adduser -m someuser

It works like Content Warning on Mastodon, some users using braille display or Text-To-Speech clients may not want to waste time on a log file or an ASCII art.

It is important to think about them. Gemini is a great opportunity for a better accessibility and we shouldn't waste it.

#gemini #a11y

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#iFixit looked at #Teracube 2e, #Librem 5, and our #Fairphone 3… smartphones that all have one important thing in common: They aren’t glued shut. 📱 🙌

Take a look:

#daretocare #modularity #repairability #rightorepair

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In order for a true #circulareconomy to be realized, then #repairing, refurbishing & repurposing products needs to become the new normal for manufacturers, resellers & consumers. Read more about the index & what we’d like to see in the next iteration📱 :

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We'd like to hear from you – what would you like to see more of in 2021? 📲

You can comment on your gemini code by making use of preformatting lines, and the fact that clients must ignore everything after them:
``` This is a comment
This seems to be working as well:
``` First comment
``` Second comment
Make sure you close each tag though.

Now I can comment in TODOs to never touch them again! :eyes_fast:

Looking into gemini these days... As a developer, I cannot stop myself from thinking that commenting on blog posts and such could be done by using a mailto link, then having the server grab that email and append it to the post as gemini code (after stripping all special chars of course). I feel it would be something "dirty" though, out of the spirit of what gemini wants to be. What do you guys think?

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You don’t need a new phone to experience a new camera. Our 48MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera for the #Fairphone 3 deliver better quality photos and videos, making it easy to enjoy higher quality images, while keeping your phone. 📱 💚 .

See more:

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#Fairphone becomes one of the first smartphone manufacturers in the world to comply with the new French #repairability index. 🙌 Take a look to see how we scored ⬇️ :

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Introducing our new series: Fair Materials 101 📱⚒️

How your phone is made matters. In this new weekly series, we’ll be giving you a no-nonsense, straightforward introduction to all you need to know about the materials in your #phone and their #impact:

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