I just completed "Operation Order" - Day 18 - Advent of Code 2020 My solution was again a lot of regex and purrr. {stringr} and {purrr} are my goto packages. github.com/RMHogervorst/advent

I'm halfway in 'attack surface' (the third little brother book) by @pluralistic and I love it! Amber Bensen is perfect for the voice of Masha. Highly recommend it!

I backed Cory's kickstarter for the audiobook and the book is soo nice. Had to find an audioplayer and found github.com/PaulWoitaschek/Voic . soo two recommendations for me today!

Finally made a new post for
: 'Your users are not idiots, (maybe you did not design it well enough)' Where I ruminate on designing software that doesn't work for people. notes.rmhogervorst.nl/post/202

I just saw a toot with an image that wouldn't load due to a choppy wifi connection. Luckily, the author had added a description of the image, so could still get the gist of it.

Which is to say, again: improving UX for the visually impaired helps a larger group than you might think.

I absolutely love the latest series of posts by @juliasilge about tidy machine learning! They contain both video and the text. Now diving into the one about hyperparameter tuning juliasilge.com/blog/sf-trees-r

On Scraping Mastodon:

If they hadn't misunderstood the difference between a name of a field and the social and cultural implications of it's usage, this paper wouldn't have been written.


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On our latest podcast we're joined by the hysterical (in a good way) @maria to discuss:

✅ Kaspersky's ugly fingerprint replacement
✅ How NordVPN might be avoiding Disney+'s blocks
✅ Why a hacker posed as a music producer
✅ Behavioural biometrics
✅ Much much more!


There are so many cool code things out there, this week on @LadybugPodcast@twitter.com 🐞 we talked about some of the things we're excited about!

Mine were @djangoproject@twitter.com and Web Assembly!

What are yours?


THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE @ladybugpodcast@twitter.com IS UP!

@kvlly@twitter.com @EmmaWedekind@twitter.com @LittleKope@twitter.com and I discuss how you can learn to code!


@rweekly hi rweekly, you are posting every few minutes or so, maybe check the settings? I love the posts but not the same post 10 times in a row :drake_dislike:

Stupid password complexity rules that make security worse, example 5478: my random 22 character password with caps, lower case, numbers and special characters is not good enough for IKEA. Password1234 is....

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