Who thinks all the cookie banners are smoke and mirrors for more tracking?

Apple's event was such a yawner. Was expecting a lot more, especially some more disingenuous privacy shilling.

ProtonMail makes incredibly clear that their service is not some sort of secure messaging service, yet because some guy tweets something, people just believe them.

We can't let Apple off the hook. Even if they "perfect" this, it WILL be abused in your tomorrow if no one does anything.

Winward was right that Apple was wrong and I was right that you shouldn't litter your phone in a landfill. techcrunch.com/2021/09/03/appl

As mentioned on stream, a $328 Yu-Gi-Oh card.

I totally don't have a problem.

There is no proof the Steam Deck has a terminal. They might have in the past, but no one except Linus Tech Tips, Giant Bomb, and some other people can tell us. youtu.be/QW42MDW-aVU

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