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@mdszy Hmm, i understand why you'd want to fully defederate then.

Are there technical solutions to this problem? Eg, opt out of blocks where qoto users can only see my toots if i opted out, and i can only follow/see qoto content if i opt out?

@mdszy Has harrasment from qoto been a problem in the past? And qoto has "Respect others users right to disengage" in it's rules, is that not enforced? And what kind of block-evasion features are you talking about?

And i don't want to bother admining my own instance, some moderation/blocking is good, and i don't want to be doing that myself.

@mdszy Yes, but why is silencing not sufficient then?

kinda sad that is banned, seems like a nice person to follow.

I don't understand why qoto's liberal federation policy is an issue? And if it is, why is silencing not sufficient? Why does qoto need to be blocked entirely?

@mdszy @bclindner hmm, if it's allowed to be a little bit shitty, you can use a rpi & dynamic dns 😅

@ryan659 Wait ubuntu phone is still a thing? Is it just community supported now?

@bclindner @mdszy Gitlab offers a similar service if you have objections against github.

@wesley Don't care about the apple computers themselves, but it will massively improve toolchain & program availability for ARM, including rpi. For example, docker images will support running on ARM much more often because of the massive amount of devs running arm in a few years on apple hardware. This increased support will motivate other vendors to start producing arm laptops as well.

The US seems more "woke" in terms of gender than Europe. What's the cause of this according to you? Is this similar to the US being more sensitive to race issues partially because of it having had more serious race issues in the past & present?

@purple Yea, it seems filled with people who copy paste pieces of incoherent information to answer a certain question. But the worst thing about it is how much it appeals to authority/credentials. That's sometimes relevant, but people seem to take those credentials as a substitute for sources. What don't you like about it exactly?

@mdszy I suppose that decent content discoverability can be achieved with just local feeds, where you'd discover people on other instances trough people on your local instance boosting their toots. That does provide an incentive to start out on bigger instances though. Or an instance with a decent amount of like minded people, which fits nicely with people preferring the community oriented feel, which you alluded to.

Thanks a lot for the conversation/explanation, it put mastodon in a clearer light for me.

@mdszy Yea, i know it doesn't matter, and i know that most people don't care, but i'm just curious about whether or not some interesting solutions have been proposed.

So you say that people would only want to federate with some related instances, sort of in a web of trust like manner. Would those related instances be hand picked then? I saw some mastodon instances being blocked on some servers because the high load of caching those toots. Do you already consider that an example of selective federation?

@mdszy haha, i called it toots in my first sentence but seemed to have forgotten after that 😅 .

But I'm asking out of interest, i know it's a problem that will be solved later, but i was curious if there's some proposed solutions/discussions floating around.

How does mastodon scale? When i want to see what toots are on a certain hashtag, mastodon either has to contact all federated instances, and get tweets on that hashtag, or keep all tweets from all other instances cached. Neither of these approaches seem scalable.

@melissasage There was a lot of religion based prejudice though (persecution of jews, christians, and crusades).

And there was a lot of ethnocentrism/tribalism though. People have always found ways to opress trough prejuidice. And this seems kinda racist, no?

I think it's dangerous to say that people don't have some inherent tribalism (although I agree that that tribalism doesn't have to imply racism), that makes us ignore the work and interaction with others needed to overcome it.

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Been debating whether to open up GitHub Sponsorships for Jepsen. On the one hand, people keep asking to donate, and there could be, say, sponsor logos on the Jepsen web site, or rights to vote on which database Jepsen looks at in the next pro-bono analyses.

@jepsen sifting trough obscure papers for months does kinda seem like a good fit for academia though, have you ever been in touch with universities to propose a jepsen analysis as a master thesis subject? I wouldn't be surprised if my uni let me do it as my thesis.

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