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New #Jepsen report: we worked with @ScyllaDB to identify and fix cases of LWT split-brain in healthy clusters due to improper hashing and membership changes, as well as documentation improvements. Notably, Scylla no longer claims non-LWT isolation!

@jepsen Those drawings are amazing :).

Will a recording be made available by YOW?

@jepsen So you only get atomicity & isolation among transactions from 1 client? That doesn't seem very useful 😋

@danslerush Do you think that dnssec can solve this? If you had attestation that the given dns record is valid, you wouldn't need to go to the root anymore, right?

@jepsen Well, then you could put your backend in gke, which is pretty easy to use and setup as far as kubernetes goes, but idk if it's worth saving 10 minutes on downtime every now and then 🤷

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@jepsen Hmm, gke is probably not the right choice for you then, because serving static files in kubernetes is a bit annoying. But I had my cloudflare workers site up in like an hour. (i was already using cloudflare as my dns, which makes it easier). Their wrangler tool + their quickstart makes it quite easy.

@jepsen Might be a bit overkill, but have you considered hosting your site in kubernetes? In gke, rollouts seem to be managed a bit better, where the default (but configurable) behavior is that extra nodes do get spun up in case of an upgrade, then your pod gets migrated, and only then does the old node get shut down. Or if it's just a static site, why not use something like cloudflare workers sites, i've found that to be extremely convenient to use.

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Was fixing my stove tonight (had some a issues on the last trip, needed to strip and clean the jet, spindle, fuel line, swapped the filter for good measure) and got to thinking about how much I love a good stove, and oh look there's a whole FORUM devoted to camp stoves, and I'm like juuust barely normal enough not to be a member.

Anyone know of a good writeup/paper/book on why a normal user might want to use e2e to protect against hackers? Most writeups are about protecting nation states (which is a valid point as well).

@veer66 I'm sure he compiles a certain kernel once in a while :p

@deshipu I don't know, i've never seen europeans put their pronouns in their profile for example, while it's not that uncommon with random tech people in the US

@mdszy okay, sorry, I didn't mean to keep making the same argument, although I can see they are similar arguments. I brought up twitter because I see twitter and qoto being on different places on the "i'm using this because it has features&people that no other place has" scale.

Thanks for talking with me, you did make it clear to me why you think qoto should be defederated and I can respect that. Have a nice evening 😄

@mdszy Hmm, i can understand defederating for protest, but qoto isn't that bad, or is it?

Also, when saying that all qoto users are complicit in racism, do you also think that all twitter users are complicit in racism? Those twitter users might be using twitter because of the technical convenience, or the anti racist, or lgbt community there, but at the same time, they'd be complicit in racism and homophobia because twitter is known for those things as well?

@mdszy Is interacting a problem if our users aren't aware of their interaction? Silencing also hides content, right?

And I understand that they're bad people in a silence=violence kinda way, but i think few of us are so principled in real life. Most wouldn't stop taking a professor's class because the prof is friends with a racist. And I don't think stopping the conversation is the best way to improve our society. I understand you don't want the moderation burden, but opt out should be allowed imho.

@mdszy Not everyone is as principled, the reason someone chooses an instance might be the tech, and they just ignore the bad people there. Just like I won't shun someone for being a coworker with a racist, I won't shun someone for being on a platform with bad people on it.

Coming back to silencing not being enough, you stated that silencing still allows qoto users to interact with our users, but i thought silencing also disabled notifications & made content invisible, or do i misunderstand silencing?

@mdszy I think the benefit for admins would be that the barrier to defederation would be lower, lessening their moderation workload, and for users the benefit would be that they can follow more people. What if i really like it here, but still want to follow a single user on qoto? And there may be reasons that user is on qoto, the longer character limit or the Inline Latex support.

Finding the perfect instance is idealistic, and opting out of blocks seems like a way to make "close alignment", good enough.

@mdszy Well, if qoto is still blocked by default, the admin load wouldn't really increase if you could opt out of the block, since it would be your own fault for opting out if you got harassed, no? And if you think that the admin would still be held responsible for users that opted out of the block being harassed, the admin load would still be massively reduced simply because most users wouldn't opt out, and hence not be harassed.

@mdszy qoto has this to say about that:

"NOTE: This will not circumvent a user's privacy settings. It only delivers the same notifications as following someone via existing RSS feeds would allow, that is, it brings the RSS feed of their public posts into your home timeline this features behaves the same as the default functionality on non-Mastodon instances such as Misskey, Friendica, and Pleroma"

But I understand why you'd want to defederate based on your other reasons alone.

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