Been debating whether to open up GitHub Sponsorships for Jepsen. On the one hand, people keep asking to donate, and there could be, say, sponsor logos on the Jepsen web site, or rights to vote on which database Jepsen looks at in the next pro-bono analyses.

On the other hand, this presents a conflict-of-interest problem: so long as reports have a single sponsor (typically the vendor), it's easy to disclose and understand, but that's much trickier when there's a mix of a dozen ongoing sponsors.

It's also, like... Jepsen is roughly 50/50 paid vs unpaid work right now. Jepsen contract rates are high, which covers research, maintenance, and writing in between. It's hard to imagine sponsors could materially shift that balance.

Anyway, if you have strong feelings, drop em here.

@jepsen Do you think your sponsors would influence how you cover a database? I don't see a difference between a lot of separate parties sponsoring you, vs one company sponsoring a review of their product. In fact, I think the former is better.

I"d love to see more pro bono work, there's some smaller players out there for whom the cost of your work might be quite high.


@jepsen In fact, there might be some companies that *dont* want you to analyse their database, which makes a pro bono community funded analysis all the more interesting.

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