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New #Jepsen report: we worked with @ScyllaDB to identify and fix cases of LWT split-brain in healthy clusters due to improper hashing and membership changes, as well as documentation improvements. Notably, Scylla no longer claims non-LWT isolation!

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Was fixing my stove tonight (had some a issues on the last trip, needed to strip and clean the jet, spindle, fuel line, swapped the filter for good measure) and got to thinking about how much I love a good stove, and oh look there's a whole FORUM devoted to camp stoves, and I'm like juuust barely normal enough not to be a member.

Anyone know of a good writeup/paper/book on why a normal user might want to use e2e to protect against hackers? Most writeups are about protecting nation states (which is a valid point as well).

kinda sad that is banned, seems like a nice person to follow.

I don't understand why qoto's liberal federation policy is an issue? And if it is, why is silencing not sufficient? Why does qoto need to be blocked entirely?

The US seems more "woke" in terms of gender than Europe. What's the cause of this according to you? Is this similar to the US being more sensitive to race issues partially because of it having had more serious race issues in the past & present?

How does mastodon scale? When i want to see what toots are on a certain hashtag, mastodon either has to contact all federated instances, and get tweets on that hashtag, or keep all tweets from all other instances cached. Neither of these approaches seem scalable.

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Been debating whether to open up GitHub Sponsorships for Jepsen. On the one hand, people keep asking to donate, and there could be, say, sponsor logos on the Jepsen web site, or rights to vote on which database Jepsen looks at in the next pro-bono analyses.

Anyone got a good recommendation for a distributed kv database that allows me to direct to which node writes go? Can i do that with a layer on top of

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Right now Redis makes a great cache, lossy message bus, and scratchpad, but you have to plan on data loss. Redis-Raft should hopefully change that by offering strict serializability, and from our testing, it looks like they're on track. Watch for GA next year!

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