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@uglyhack This is a hard game! Will try again tomorrow.

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Mastodon n00b question:

I've never use hashtags much on Twitter, what is usually a good way / good practice to use hashtags here?

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mastodon isn't silent and dead if you understand from the get-go that you've got to follow like a MFer and prune people back later. some of the other alt social media are .... just silent and dead

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@GoatSarah @Chaos_99 That's basically it. I'd like to see that feature on the web version--good for checking out an instance or looking for new follows.

@BryceWrayTX I don't see any problem with it. If you are posting interesting stuff and interacting with people who respond, cross-posting to multiple platforms should be totally fine.

@Chaos_99 I'm interested in this answer, too. Is this do-able, or are multiple identities required?

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