I learnt that it's now easier to migrate accounts from one instance to the next. Still did this manually 'in the old days'.

But I'm still missing a way to easily follow other instances local timeline.

Handling multiple accounts strictly divided by interest seems to much of a hassle for me.


@Chaos_99 I'm interested in this answer, too. Is this do-able, or are multiple identities required?

@rico @Chaos_99 I’m using the iOS Toot! App which allows you to browse any server without having an account there. I hit “reply” and it asked me if I wanted to sign in, or reply from my queer.party account. Is that what you’re looking for?

@GoatSarah @Chaos_99 That's basically it. I'd like to see that feature on the web version--good for checking out an instance or looking for new follows.

@rico @Chaos_99 it feels like Mastodon is much more polished than it used to be, but the federation has huge promise and the interface isn’t quite slick enough with it yet.

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