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Just found out about FireChat, it's a chat app that can use wi-fi and bluetooth to create a p2p mesh network if there's no internet connection. People in Asia seem to be using it during protests or concerts.

Anyone familiar with it? Sounds really interesting.

As a testament to how flexible and powerful KDE Plasma is, Łukasz Sawicki shows you how to create a Unity-like theme using Plasma's desktop scripting API -- yes, Plasma also comes with an easy-to-use desktop scripting API.

@btc @monero

I understand if you don't want to do it but have you considered splitting the price updates into a separate bot account?

It feels a bit spammy to me, I'd prefer to just get news.

Just read your explanation on Python's async/await (, it was pretty good, thanks! :)

You mention the lack of high-level libraries, like requests, for async HTTP. Has that changed in the meantime? Is there one that you would recommend these days?

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