Just found out about FireChat, it's a chat app that can use wi-fi and bluetooth to create a p2p mesh network if there's no internet connection. People in Asia seem to be using it during protests or concerts.

Anyone familiar with it? Sounds really interesting.

i used it once on a plane to communicate with a friend elsewhere on the plane and it worked quite well. obviously this isnt really representative of real world usage though

@ricardo i heard of this yeeeaaars ago but nobody seemed to be using it back then

@ricardo Yep. But not open source :/

Some years ago they were still doing things like uploading unencrypted images to amazon servers instead of transmitting them directly to the other device. I don't know how they do it now.

I would rather use this one, they value privacy:

@megfault @ricardo Briar is very good. Kinda of a bummer that you don't have an option to add people remotely, even if it makes it more secure (you can only add people by scanning a QR Code on their phone).

@ricardo they tried to use it during the protests in Russia few years ago but there are not much protests anymore thus no FireChat in use

This is more like it.

But it seems to not be actively mantained, last release was in 2016.

@ricardo yes I was sending out few PRs. It started as an academic project. The original author said anyone willing to continue development can work on it and issue pull requests. If we decide to take upon nothing is going to stop since its a FOSS program.

@ricardo Saw your post last night and checked out Firechat. Today, my Bluetooth was turning off by itself and me headset couldn't stay connected to my phone (Google Pixel). I uninstalled, and problem went away. I'm bummed, because I love the concept.

After I read the privacy policy I decided to not use it, it's a cool and valuable idea but not something I need right now to hand more of my data over to yet another company.

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