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I thought Germany had better laws against police abuse than countries like the US, but apparently it has it's own serious problems with unjustified raids and seizure:

> Police searches homes of „Zwiebelfreunde“ board members as well as „OpenLab“ in Augsburg:

So, anyone here ?
Their github importer tool seems pretty cool but I haven't tried it yet: youtube.com/watch?v=VYOXuOg9tQ

A visualization of the terms of service for your popular web service.

"I agree" 🙃

The Microsoft cyber attack | Documentary about Microsoft's monopoly in governments



i just can't stop watching this video of the DoReDos practicing for their performance?? THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON IN THIS NUMBER

Out of a bunch of Ubuntu 18.04 "flavors" that I tried, only Ubuntu Mate was able to make sound come out of my Surface 3 speakers.

Does anyone know how to compare the packages included in the different flavors, maybe I can find what I need to change on other versions to have them work?

This is just amazing:

TSB's systems show an amazingly user friendly error message and this is what the user (understandibly) interprets :D


Not to get into a big argument but are there any communists on Mastodon that agree with this (stealing from corporations)?

It's not even talking about specific examples, just some general notion that "it's just stealing what was already stolen".

This is so vague that it could extend to stealing any amount of products that you want, it doesn't seem based on justice at all. How exactly do you measure how much was stolen from you in order to know how much you can "steal back"?


that you can 'pin' columns in the Mastodon web client – and then you get a new right most column.

And I have been looking for an 'add column' option without luck.

How many microservices does it take to turn on a lightbulb

I decided to do a crude simulator for the amazing board game Captain Sonar, to try different strategies.

So far the UI layout seems tricky, I haven't decided if it's best to toggle between the Radio Operator's map and the Captains map or simply use different colors for the lines of each submarine.

And really, the UI for the Radio Operator also seems like it will be tricky to make.

I haven't even put much thought into the AI I'll have to build to make the computer interesting to play against... 🙈

The fantastic #PublicCode video is now available in a 4th language: Portuguese! Show it to your friends and colleagues from #Portugal, #Brazil, #Angola... to explain them, why Public Money → Public Code! https://publiccode.eu/pt/ http://l.fsfe.org/BpG7Ie #fsfe #FreeSoftware

Public money, public code.

If you live in the EU and agree that publicly funded software development shoud be required to be open-sourced, please make your voice heard: