I don't get how there isn't an out-of-the-box solution for to not use any client-side JavaScript?

Why do I need JS if my site only has static HTML pages?

@ricard_dev Seems to be the case with most static site generators. If you find one that works without JS please let me know.


@TheThirdMan I was doing a quick proof of concept to migrate my site to 11ty.dev but not straightforward.

I ended up finding a way to remove the client side JS from Gatsby. I'll write a quick blog post about it. Hang on 😎

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@ricard_dev One of the most annoying things about today's Web is when you just get a blank page. Then you have to play JavaScript Roulette with NoScript just to read some just words. Does a site really need JS from 15 different servers? And don't get me started on multi-megabyte pages...

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