I'm at a point where I'm confident enough in administering this instance to open its doors up for public registration. If you want an account on Extremely Online, a web and mobile development focused Mastodon instance, come on over and sign up



I've been running my own Mastodon instance for a few weeks now, but I never really properly introduced myself.

I'm Rhys, a 24 year old web / mobile developer from Sydney, Australia. I like video games old and new, open source software, and trying to be a little more empathetic and thoughtful every day.

I've really enjoyed my brief stay here in the fediverse, and I'd love to meet more interesting people.

Hi everyone, if you're following me over here, it's worth knowing that I mostly tweet over on my own instance these days. Follow me at @rhys

Hey all, I’m Rhys, a web and mobile developer from Sydney, Australia. I’d love to find other users across the fediverse who like old games, open source software, building communities, etc.

If any of that’s up your alley, toot at me so I can follow you 😊

Trying out a self-hosted Mastodon instance. If you're following my account ot @rhysforyou, I'm probably not going to be posting to that in the future.

I've been rewatching OG Dragon Ball and I forgot how adorable kid Goku is. There's a bunch of issues I have with the kinds of things those earlier episodes choose to make jokes about, but all in all it's so goddamn charming and fun.

Mastodon 2.0 looks like it's got some really well thought out improvements medium.com/@Gargron/mastodon-2

Any idea when you'll have time to upgrade this instance @ashfurrow ?

I've been playing this Opus Magnum game a ton since it came out yesterday and it really makes my programmer brain happy mastodon.technology/media/ssag

I found that post on lobste.rs/ by the way, one of my favourite tech news aggregators and a nice alternative to sites like Hacker News

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Also I've recently started blogging semi-regularly over at rpowelll.github.io/

Nothing major yet, but I've got a few articles on iOS and web development in the pipeline

I haven't checked in here for a while, but seeing this post on the new Mastodon logo reminded me that this is a fun place medium.com/@Gargron/m-for-mast

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@ashfurrow awesome to see you're enjoying Zelda so much. I dumped like 90 hours into that game 😬

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can you believe I scored top of my class in security subjects at uni?

UNIX absolutely owns. My PostgreSQL launchd service wasn't running because root decided to take ownership of /usr/local/var/log. This took me half an hour to figure out.

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