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New shoes are nearly broken in and are very comfortable.

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> "To be a Luddite is seen as synonymous with being primitive — backwards in your outlook, ignorant of innovation’s wonders, and fearful of modern society. This all-or-nothing approach to debates about technology and society is based on severe misconceptions of the real history and politics of the original Luddites: English textile workers in the early 19th century who, under the cover of night, destroyed weaving machines in protest to changes in their working conditions."

climate change 

I be feeling so fine

And then…IPCC report

since starting swimming again, I swear my resting breathing rate has slowed down. feels kinda nice!

nothing makes me appreciate developers who write high level wrappers for lower level stuff more than manually setting up system calls in a language like python

Stupid computer, why are you doing what I’m telling you to do instead of what I want you to do???

I feel like people probably have a default “swimming pace” like their default “walking pace”?

Went for a swim with a friend, and his default seems to be slower than mine despite him being fitter than me. I just struggle more at the end of laps.

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This post contains characters known to the state of California to cause manual breathing

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"You are," the old wizard said, "the Chosen One."
"I know."
"Fated to... to... You know?"
"I'm Chosen to save lots of things. How big is yours? The world, a people, a kingdom?"
"Oh. Nothing so grand. A person."
"Ah! That's small enough I can bear the weight of it. That I can do."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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You have been visited by the Vinnie Jones of getting your two shots. If you boost this you will continue the good two-shots vibe into the community

got my new shoes today, the card machine was broken at the shoe shop so I "had" to take a 5 minute walk to get cash out on this lovely friday afternoon

the guy at the shop threw in a new pair of socks for my trouble

it's been a good day.

“gday big wheels” is my new favourite greeting. thanks tom cardy

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Victoria, lockdown 

I want to complain about Lockdown 6.0. This update seems to be a mandatory paid upgrade from Lockdown 5.0, which was itself released only a month ago. None of the bugs reported in Lockdown 5.0 have been fixed. Lockdown 6.0 seems to be spreading itself without my authorization to regional systems which did not have any version of Lockdown installed. At best this version should have been a free point-release update for Lockdown 5.0. Furthermore,

hell yeah, got some boots made as a self-present. get to pick them up tomorrow

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inside of you there are two wolves, i hope you know how to operate mutexes because you have to program them in C

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it occurs to me that that one Mad Men season 3 poster where Don Draper is sitting in a flooding office has a similar energy to the KC Green This Is Fine comic
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@Matt has taken up #archery as a hobby and after discovering that it’s far more technical than one would expect, I find myself quite drawn to it too.

Our local archery club is very near to where I work and the notion of firing some arrows before or after work is an appealing one 🏹

Are any of my fellow fedifans into archery?

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