ds3 spoilers but not really 

it's intensely funny to me that the first thing that the final boss of the dark souls series says "what? still here?"

he's the last boss, and he's asking you why the fuck you're still playing the game.

@hugh especially when it’s just the public accessing crown land (that the farmers also have access to)

love to find out that a project that I was reusing code from had two bugs that cancelled each other out

meanwhile in my new implementation I only included one of the bugs, so I ran in to it and spent hours “debugging” it

…before realising that I should just include the second bug in the pair so that they cancel out

@Dee why dump them on the fediverse when you can have them run around your head in a loop for a week!

@adz I haven’t - I just have a jug for brewing it myself and buy beans from a coffee shop near me.

I’ve not actually tried any of the pre-made stuff.

weather is warming up, so I've moved to cold brew coffee

I tell ya what, the extra caffeine has me V I B R A T I N G

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It shouldn’t have to happen to you for it to matter to you

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geographic cognitohazard 

in the spirit of the recent geography discussion sparked by @gamehawk : Greenland is farther east, west, north, and south than Iceland. mapsontheweb.zoom-maps.com/pos

COVID cynical take 

@adz all of the above, I guess? Though I really only meant your take.

The government treating us like kids is somewhat sensible from their point of view, though pretty shitty. It’s more likely to keep them in office.

Pfizer’s profiteering is sensible from their point of view, though extremely shitty (but, capitalism breeds innovation!)

Your take is sensible because it’s a reasonable observation

COVID cynical take 

@adz of course, the less lethal variants may also be associated with an uptick in transmissibility (like a less-bad delta variant) but it’s something we’ll have to live with.

COVID cynical take 

@adz I think this is pretty sensible to be honest. We’ve known that the jabs don’t prevent infection for some time. While they will help reduce the spread and lessen the load on the healthcare system through massively lessened symptoms, COVID is not like Polio in that we can eradicate it. It’s like influenza. I’m just hoping that we end up with much less lethal/symptomatic variants (as with the flu)

@mike @ajft sometimes I feel like an alpha quality developer!


(I feel like I should clarify that this is a shitpost)

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I don’t get the big deal with Chaitin’s constant. Isn’t it 0.5? Either the program halts or it doesn’t - 50/50.

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