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Your password should include

- 1 lowercase letter
- 2 bits of punctuation
- 3 unprintables
- 4 spoilers for a running show
- 5 digits of pi
- 6 mystery characters
- 7 up
- 8 9s
- 9 pieces of wisdom
- 10 minute pauses
- 11 pronounced by a scot
- 12 elves

and a partridge in a pear tree

@Soy_Boy I’m real excited about this and just got home so here’s a video

@Soy_Boy it’s pretty simple! just a limit switch that’s linked to the roller door locking mechanism. door locked = lights no power

also it’s cloudy but the solar panel is still spitting out like 32V

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ayyy now the shed has a nice little solar powered lighting setup, and the lights automatically turn on when the shed door is unlocked

Also back of the envelope says I’ll get about 20 hours light from a full charge of the battery

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fuck yea hooked up some proper bright lights in the shed and it’s all laid out nicely for when I can hook up the solar panel

I mean it’s literally “connect lights to switch and battery” but it still feels pretty good.

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critical thinking is where you have a thought that strikes the enemy weak point for triple damage

@mithrandir yeah but I don’t have to deal with US units often and don’t want to remember the conversion

see someone posting about a “small 1400ft2 house”

ddg “80m2 in ft2”

I guess my house is “tiny”? It doesn’t feel it...

@adz work laptop, so I don’t have that luxury

I press “reboot” on my (windows) work laptop. What happens next?

- the laptop reboots, ready for use
- the laptop reboots and applied updates
- the laptop does not reboot


gotdamn, why are tomatoes + olive oil + salt and pepper so good

sorta covid but + 

woo mask mandate ended, and no new cases. moving back to normal-ish

and the govt is reversing the India travel ban

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@EdwardTorvalds @aral I’m also not sure why “they made some tools” should shield them from criticism? Peasants under feudalism received protection from their lord, does that mean that feudalism as a system was good for the peasants?

@Dee I feel like rickrolling has staying power because no one is actually harmed by it

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