Went for a walk up at Serpentine Falls yesterday. Only walked a couple of ks of the 20km loop, but still some nice views

climate change 

I be feeling so fine

And then…IPCC report

I *was* going to study all weekend, but then I remembered that I haven't really played through DS2 and it's Return to Drangleic this week

If I'm honest, what I really want is an electric FJ Holden. They're the right size (read: small) and aesthetic as fuck

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went in to the office today to get some stuff, saw an interesting suggestion for office events this year

When he spends most of the day chilling like this, he's not exactly high maintenance

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Borrowed parents dog to keep me company while I work from home

He spent about 20 minutes making sure he knows what everything in the house smells like, then went to sleep next to me

fascism, death 

ackshually, I think Nazis deserve a platform

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