“our customers are able to stitch historical anonymous data to 95% of their converted users–this is even in the last few weeks after all the Apple device and browser privacy updates.”


Fuck these people.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming

@aral its mind boggling how easily people chat about just tracking individuals. Fuck surveillance. Fuck capitalism. Fuck surveillance capitalism.

@atridad @aral they’ve managed to completely forget that the “user” is a human being with goals and intent, and instead look at them as just numbers to be converted.

That’s the thing I hate most about surveillance capitalism - it just completely dehumanises people to these fucking…numbers

@rfox @atridad It’s easy to forget people are people when we stop calling them people… and when we have a system that lionises extractive and manipulative behaviour befitting psychopaths.

@aral @atridad oh for sure, just as industrial capitalism reframed “nature” as “resources” we’re seeing the same thing with humans under surveillance capitalism.

The root of the problem isn’t in industry or surveillance. It’s in capitalism.

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