tracking my mental state by the names of my music playlists

“Saaaa Indehhh” and “Look at me, I’m a G” (2014)
“Entry Level Hipster Garbage” (early 2015)
“Fart Huffing”, “Post Rock” (mid 2015)
“crem de la mem drem tem” (2016)
“(slow heavy metal music playing)” (2017)
“big mood” (2018)
“I can’t believe how entry level this hipster garbage is” (2019)
“hot garbage” (late 2019)
“music to self isolate to” (2020)
“we’re not in quarantine but we can’t leave yet” (2021)

@rfox actual names of my Spotify playlists:
8 track (for skating)
Nice long walk
Murrumbobbling (for campaign activity last year)
Deployment (dramatic classical, for deploying websites to)
80s roller disco
Combine Harvester (country music for driving around in circles to)
Calm down, Mum! (soothing classical)

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