I need to hang a sign on the sign up page for m.t that says “this instance is basically run by hippies, get over it or sign up somewhere else!”

fedi pol 

I’ve had users signing up today just to tell me I did a moderation wrong.

Here’s the thing tho

“Free speech” is my freedom to use the banhammer so hahaa get fucked.

fedi pol 

@ashfurrow i'm pretty sure a couple of them came from here

by the way kudos to you Ash, you and the mod team are doing a great job!


fedi pol 

@trickster why does he spend a minute talking about snow in Louisiana and also his cat, just get to the goddamn point

fedi pol 

@rfox @trickster He talks about his cat to prove that he himself isn't racist. How could he be racist if he named his cat after a black president?

I believe the snow thing might be a casual segway into a more controversial topic. The cat thing also serves that purpose.

This is why I love this video. It has red flags hidden underneath more red flags! I have been doing nothing but daydreaming about making a parody of this video!

fedi pol 

@Lofenyy @trickster you piqued my interest, so I subjected myself to the video.

What a wild ride

fedi pol 

@Lofenyy @trickster also, "I mainly use mastodon to post links to my videos as soon as I upload them"

Sounds like Ash also banned a spammer

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