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why spend 30 minutes doing a task when you could spend 3 hours failing to automate it?

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makes me want to yeet all the computers in to the ocean

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still thinking about that post "I can offset my carbon footprint for the year by convincing one person to not get into NFTs"

damn, wireguard really do be easy to set up hey

why tf didn’t I listen to DJ Shadow sooner?

tracking my mental state by the names of my music playlists

“Saaaa Indehhh” and “Look at me, I’m a G” (2014)
“Entry Level Hipster Garbage” (early 2015)
“Fart Huffing”, “Post Rock” (mid 2015)
“crem de la mem drem tem” (2016)
“(slow heavy metal music playing)” (2017)
“big mood” (2018)
“I can’t believe how entry level this hipster garbage is” (2019)
“hot garbage” (late 2019)
“music to self isolate to” (2020)
“we’re not in quarantine but we can’t leave yet” (2021)

oh fuck yeah there’s a new GY!BE album out

the bad thing about this uni project is I have to use jupyter notebooks

the good thing about this uni project is I've finally found a way to max out memory on my desktop

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hey if you're a computer person would you like to fill out this form to see how well known these cursed computer things are?

"SELECT * FROM T_P00_10MinData" is objectively funny

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there are two power meters on a site I'm working at. One is called "P110", and the other is "P00"

Every time I need to do something with the latter I get a little chuckle

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i'd just like to interject for a moment. what you're calling catholicism, is, in fact, christianity/catholicism, or, as i've taken to calling it, catholicism + christianity. catholicism is not a religion unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning christian religion made holy by the new testament, christ the redeemer, and god's unending love and grace, comprising a full religion as defined by the scripture

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werk, + 

hell yeah, my boss is happy for me to take a 10% reduction in hours (and a 10% pay cut)

not immediately, but will happen over the next few months

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pet peeve 

wear the fucking ppe, holy fuck

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Bird watching is so pure.

"I want to see the most birds. Someone has to be the person that has seen the most birds, and I want to be them"

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Quote from a FB page 

"I am currently trying to see as many Western Australian birds as I can, in one year"

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apparently translating the second plague to "frogs" is incorrect, it actually translates to just frog. there's a midrash where the rabbis say that the plague was just, one really really giant frog that fucked shit up

im screaming omg what

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