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Looking for an Android developer to work together with our UX designers on Mastodon's official Android app. Contract work, only remote. E-mail

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I must say, that this is actually great.
I am finally able to learn k8s without putting my hair and curling up in a corner while crying

#k8s #linux

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Got our boosters earlier than expected - and on the same day, saw a car on the highway with a "#COVID19 is a hoax" bumper sticker.

Sigh, this is why we can't have nice things.

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Going to petition the city transportation dept to try and curb dangerous speeding near residential areas. Any advice on what methods would work?

Ideally speeding cameras, but without automated enforcement which my city doesn't seem to do that is probably toothless. Speed bumps near intersections?


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We just noticed that Android 12 includes a much stricter implementation of "app-links":

Afaiu if you don't control a domain your app will never show up in the app chooser for a link to that domain. The user needs to explicitly setup your app for said domain deep in the settings.

This is super inconvenient for all the 3rd Part apps out there (i.e. NewPipe) or even alternative builds of 1st Party apps (F-Droid build of Wikipedia app).

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Western Digital drives seem to require Windows to update firmware. Even though they could provide transparent updates via

I've learned some of mine have dangerous firmware bugs.

I've posted on WD forums and filed a support ticket for this.

Maybe if enough people are a PITA about this to them, they'll finally do something about it.

I wonder what datacenters do...

#WesternDigital #HDD #DataStorage #Firmware #Linux

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Is there a way to place an email on some lists so I can get a shitton of spam?
This is for educational purposes, and I am only going to do that to emails that I own.

#spam #email #mail

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job hunting (boosts welcome) 

idk if it's allowed here, but i'm currently on the hunt for a flexible part time job (ideally no more than 16 hours/week, and should be at least Β£10/hour, or around that much, no less than Β£9/hour) that can be done remotely/from home, within the UK timezone (if applicable).

i'm mainly looking for jobs that are either:
- tech support
- technical writing
- frontend web development
- editorial writing (i.e. writing for articles)

so if anyone can help me out with this, that'd be great

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πŸ“’ Are you using the latest major new version of Nextcloud Files for Android? 3.18 is here!

πŸ“… Calendar backup and restore
πŸ”Ž Unified search
πŸ–‡οΈ Sharing permission improvements
βž• 190 more improvements

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The first rule of doing something cool is: don't ever read what Hacker News thinks about it.

Doubly so if it involves GPUs.

That is all.

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πŸ“£ The first of the bigger announcements πŸŽ‰

We're launching, an experimental living document that contains all the knowledge that powers #keyoxide!

This should make it easier to make independent libraries, implementations, apps and websites 😎

Aaaand: ** 🀩

Let's claim back sovereignty over our online identity!

Blog post:

#openpgp #ariadnespec

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