@selea nice, been there two years ago. Really a great place to go to.


It really is! I was there over 15-20 years ago, and it did not dissappoint this time either!

@selea we must be living in relative close proximity I guess


@selea nice, I live in Ulricehamn, it would be nice to meet some times and talk about FOSS etc. Do you have some Linux user group in Borรฅs?

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Yes it would be nice :)

We used to go to public bathhouse in Ulricehamn because it has a nice place for kids to play around in.

And no - I have not found a Linux users group here in Borรฅs, I would love to have one here thou but I dont know how to find Linux-people here :P

@selea I am almost in tears cause I have found you live so close ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚! I follow you from some time and I appreciate all you do for the community (FOSS hosting services and all). I have also thought to help you support linux.pizza services, but my confidence level is some times in the way. Would be great to meet and talk to see if I can help in some small way.


Really :D I am happy that there is some good fediverse and free software users nearby!

Btw, you probably meet some of my friends from @operationtulip last foss-north (2019)? The majority of the team is from Skรถvde :)

@selea @operationtulip Yeah I did, was really good to speak to Joakim at the FreeBSD event! I do not drive, so going to Gรถteborg, Skรถvde etc with the bus is a PITA and I tend not to go to short meetups. But you being in Borรฅs make things easier just 45m bus ride is fine.

@returntrip @operationtulip

I used to work in Gothenburg before, but I switched job last november in order to get the "family puzzle" toghether.

45 with bus, 15-20 min with car :)

@selea @operationtulip Glad you managed to find a job in Borรฅs! I am looking for work in the area but for me it is proving tough, my Swedish is very basic and I think I am being penalised because of that. We shall see what the future brings. Must keep positive.

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