Is it possible to run a single user instance on an Oracle Cloud Free Tier machine with 1v CPU and 1GB RAM?

@returntrip Let me provide you with some live stats from my instance. :blobfoxcomputer:

This is the output of my `docker stats` for mastodon. Hope that's helpful.

@returntrip Great question, a quick search didn't yield much detail about minimums.

I see @sheogorath has a pretty solid readout of stat limits for their instance, and i'd think you'd want bare minimum 2GB for all the different service backends based on that screengrab.

Not in the original convo, but pleroma has lighter sys reqs and may be more appropriate for that instance type.

Yeah @chuck @sheogorath, was wondering about using . Besides being less resource hungry and having a different interface (although one can use Mastodon FE), is there anything else to consider vs ?

@returntrip @sheogorath Let me try and tag in some good resources here. Both @sungo and @kemonine run personal pleroma's and may be able to offer better reasons than I.

I haven't run pleroma yet despite having namedropped it in this thread 😄

@chuck @returntrip @sheogorath @sungo

pleroma will be fine in that hardware assuming you dont follow a ton of accounts... updates *will* be semi slow but nothing horrid generally

some rough info from my servers

I have an arm vps with 2GB ram running the following

- postgres
- pleroma (heavy single user instance)
- synapse (matrix server)
- traefik
- prosody
- converse.js
- other things

a different arm vps with 2GB ram is running
- postgres
- pleroma with 6 users (low use)
- pleroma with 3 users (low use)
- nextcloud
- traefik

@kemonine @chuck @sheogorath @sungo I follow less than 200 accounts, I guess the server should not get swamped 😃

@returntrip 1GB is very tight. People have reported running out of memory when trying to deploy a new version.
Maybe if you put postgres on a different VM. Don't even think of running elasticsearch.

I'd chose a different server implementation that's better suited for such a system. Maybe Pleroma or Honk.

@galaxis honk, must check it out, first time I hear of it 😃

@returntrip Here:

It's certainly not for everyone, and has a different focus than Mastodon. Also doesn't implement the Mastodon client API, so no "apps" to use it with.

@returntrip it is possible to run single user with 1GB ram. If be concerned about disk space, and I'd consider something other than mastodon, but ...

@ajroach42 @returntrip Single-user (I'd gladly accept others, but nobody has taken me up on it, hah) is working fine for me with Pleroma with the lowest tier Digital Ocean option, as another data point. Currently at just 2.3GB used including the Ubuntu Server install, since I'm not mirroring external media.
@returntrip i know i’m late to this, but i’d say probably not.. i tried running it on a similar setup VPS and although it ran it was ssslllllowwwwww. i’ve since switched to running pleroma which is much, much speedier with much less overhead.

Hey @cb , yep I got pleroma running on it, I just have not switched to it cause I started messing around with other stuff 😃. All in all seems to run decently.

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