Anyone in the area in wanting to connect and talk about etc?

@e8johan It would be 2h bus ride from where I live but could be a possibility to meet there or somewhere mid way maybe?!?!? I am going to so could meet there also, I guess!

@returntrip I run as well and it's a bit smaller than so if you join there, it is easier to have a chat.

@e8johan I will keep an eye on the events calendar then and will try to join the next event!

@jeena hej! I live in Ulricehamn, so not too close to you :D. if you happen to be in the area, some time in the future, let me know so we can get a beer together!

@jeena I am more of a consumer of FOSS and run linux on my home servers. Tho, I have recently started contributng to documentation.

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