Really happy about and playing on . But I really want to own my games, when you buy games on you own nothing, cannot pass your collection to your next of kin. That sucks.

@returntrip This is why I much prefer instead. I just wish more publishers would embrace it.

@ryan659 Unfortunately GoG is not much better: "Your GOG account and GOG content are personal to you and cannot be shared with, sold, gifted or transferred to anyone else. Your access to and use of them is subject to GOG’s rules which are set out here, as updated or amended when necessary.".

@returntrip Interesting, I'll admit I skimmed past that bit - that said it's still better than Steam by not having DRM at least.

@returntrip @ryan659 Well technically you have technicall possibility to download all the installers and back them up somewhere. With steam you can't.

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