java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
Dumping heap to data/java_pid1.hprof ...

Dedicated to the lady who is allowing me to put Peppermint Linux on her Lenovo IdeaPad.

I've a blog ready to be setup online since september and never took the time to actualy publish it .. :awesome:

sure, snapd works, but man this is not the FHS i'm used to ..

soooo, /snap :eyes_opposite: ? and a non dotfile snap folder in my home :thonk: ?

I spend to much time trying to find why my logs where not available in a EFK poc .. Just to figured out now that I have a problem with timezone. logs where in the future .. ARG. :god_no:

I've just learned that was compatible with raspberry pi 3 ... :awesome:

il aurait vraiment du prendre ce titre la pour cette note : "Quelle est la différence entre Christian Estrosi et Taylor Swift ?" :thinkerguns:

"It's easy to fall into what I call the power user fallacy: the idea that everyone uses technology the same way you do. That's rarely, if ever, the case." Exactly my problem .. help non-techies move to

weird things happen in the global feed sometimes

I was aiming at a VM when rebooting, but instead I just rebooted the host. it's to early. 😴

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