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I think it is excellent that perceptual hash functions are finally getting detailed security analyses, which is something they’ve been able to avoid for years. arxiv.org/pdf/2111.06628.pdf

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"The ICO [@ICOnews], which oversees the protection of people’s data in the UK, believes that end-to-end encryption is one of the most reliable ways of protecting the data of people who use large messaging platforms." 👈

This escalated rather quickly.
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If the British government backdoors encryption, what does the Home Office plan to use for their sensitive communications?

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2000s iTunes:
"hey buy this content! It has DRM!"

2010s Bandcamp:
"hey buy this DRM-free content!"

2020s N F T marketplaces:
"hey buy this content-free DRM!"

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Just to be clear, when the Home Office says "put children's safety first" what they mean is "backdoor everyone's end-to-end encrypted communications." This is a cynical and vile attack on everyone's privacy masquerading as concern for children. twitter.com/ukhomeoffice/statu

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Am 08.02. bei Digital auf Nummer sicher! sprechen wir mit René Mayrhofer (@rene_mobile), @GoogleDE und Dr. Markus Richter (@cio_bund), über die Vorteile, Verantwortung und Umsetzung von digitalen Identitäten. Jetzt kostenlos registrieren: bit.ly/DANS7

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Thanks to our amazing Student Travel Grant Chairs @RockySlavin and @n1ngzh, WiSec'22 have received travel grant funding from NSF and ACM SIGSAC to support students. Students please follow the instructions at wisec2022.cs.utsa.edu/student- to apply!

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Only 2 weeks left to submit to WiSec 2022! The event will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science and the National Security Collaboration Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) this year! @utsa_cs @UTSA

TIL: @opnsense installs an interface route for IPsec policies, which causes major problems for packets _not_ included in the phase 2 policy but intended for that destination. Setting the IPsec "Advanced Settings" flag "Do not install routes" fixes that, but it's hard to debug...

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New - WhatsApp can be told by US to provide data on any user, anywhere, without showing probable cause.

Feds don't even need to know the identities of WhatsApp users it’s targeting, as in an unreported investigation into Chinese opioid sellers:


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Intel's Boot Guard and AMD's Platform Secure Boot protect against a real attack vector, but in the process restrict user control over their own hardware. I think there's a better approach: mjg59.dreamwidth.org/58424.htm

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A PR agency hired by the Home Office (using your money) plans to shut an adult and a child in a glass box, with the adult looking “knowingly” at the child now and then – all to sway public opinion on encryption. rol.st/3npH6nR

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Intel deprecates SGX in their new 12th Generation Intel Core CPUs. Bad news for DRM and we'll need new targets for side channels! bleepingcomputer.com/news/secu

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I just got DSMCC Carousels working.

That means the exploit still fires even if the TV is not connected to the internet. The entire exploit is served over the airwaves.

Everyone who said "just don't connect it to the internet" can shut up now :P twitter.com/David3141593/statu

TIL: @WireGuardVPN does not currently support overlapping AllowedIPs ranges for multiple peers on the same interface (docs.nycmesh.net/networking/vp is a very helpful resource!). This makes a mesh setup much more annoying than it needs to be...

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Products should be made to last, and people should have the right to repair them.

This is what sustainable consumption is.

We want to hear your opinion on the right to repair in the new public consultation👇

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