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The Winter deadline for the USENIX Security '22 Call for Papers is one week away! Submit your papers by February 1. View the CFP for more info: bit.ly/usesec22cfp

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I think it is excellent that perceptual hash functions are finally getting detailed security analyses, which is something they’ve been able to avoid for years. arxiv.org/pdf/2111.06628.pdf

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Am 08.02. bei Digital auf Nummer sicher! sprechen wir mit René Mayrhofer (@rene_mobile), @GoogleDE und Dr. Markus Richter (@cio_bund), über die Vorteile, Verantwortung und Umsetzung von digitalen Identitäten. Jetzt kostenlos registrieren: bit.ly/DANS7

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Only 2 weeks left to submit to WiSec 2022! The event will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science and the National Security Collaboration Center at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) this year! @utsa_cs @UTSA

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Intel deprecates SGX in their new 12th Generation Intel Core CPUs. Bad news for DRM and we'll need new targets for side channels! bleepingcomputer.com/news/secu

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Our paper on emulating basebands for security analysis has been accepted at NDSS! We found multiple critical pre-auth vulnerabilities in the 2G and 4G implementations on Samsung and MediaTek basebands.

Check out the paper or keep reading to learn more🧵hernan.de/research/papers/firm

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ACM WiSec 2022 deadline in 23 days! We look forward to your submissions!

is fully deployed! 🎉

With the successful deployment & latching of our last mirror wing, that's:
50 major deployments, complete.
178 pins, released.
20+ years of work, realized.

Next to : traveling out to our orbital destination of Lagrange point 2!

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Die COFAG, die einen größeren Teil der Corona Wirtschaftshilfen abwickelt, hat Ende Dezember wieder Datensätze über Hilfsempfänger veröffentlicht. Von den insgesamt 41,8 Milliarden sind zur Zeit nur etwas über 10% der ausgezahlten Summe transparent, nämlich 4,3 Mrd.

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ACM CCS 2022 call for papers is now online - the first cycle's submission deadline is Jan 14! sigsac.org/ccs/CCS2022/call-fo
@ElaineRShi @acm_ccs

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It may seem like the vaccines are doing less to stop Omicron because of the number of breakthrough anecdotes, but the data published by NYC’s DOH today is absolutely gobsmacking

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Log4j 2.17.1 has been released, to fix CVE-2021-44832, which leaked.

⚠️ It only applies if attacker can already modify the Log4j config file

⚠️ If an attacker can modify your Log4j config file, they already own your webapp or host


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If you are using , not using log4j directly but want to make sure you are not bringing a vulnerable log4j dependency transitively, you can enforce usage of a patched version like this.

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No more guessing, we finally have confirmation of what the Pixel's "Private Compute Core" in Android 12 actually does.

CC @RonAmadeo @AdamConwayIE

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Consider submitting your work to USENIX Security '22! The Call for Papers Winter deadline is coming up on Feb. 1, 2022. View the CFP and plan to submit your work soon: bit.ly/usesec22cfp

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1. Spent the past few weeks going down a rabbit hole learning about MEV and Flashbots — very cool stuff! I was surprised to learn that beneath the surface, Ethereum is lurking with sniper bots waiting for any opportunity to make money. Here’s a TLDR on some research + findings.

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