Remember that your ancestors were immigrants in Brazil too so it’s in your genes to know to do this shit.

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Pet peeve: Brazilian expats going “I miss random Brazilian stuff” or “Random stuff is so much better in Brazil”

I doubt it is, it’s probably just the rose tinted glasses of nostalgia and you should stop talking to people who are there who. keep guilt tripping you for living where you are.

Miss a good steak? Buy grass fed beef and cook one. But most importantly, learn to enjoy the life you have or you’re going to be forever a foreigner in your new country.

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Regarding #Ontario elections: if unhappy with first-past-the-post, strategic voting is a thing.

If inclined to vote PC, vote PC. If not there are tools like:

Find riding by postal code: voterinformationservice.electi

#onpoli #OntarioVotes

Leak fixed (no finest champagne though), plants planted and watered

Overall a successful weekend in my opinion

I’ve called a handyman to do some work here today and twice the guy asked me if I needed him to bring something. I don’t know man, a bottle of your finest champagne?

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There’s rain forecasted for the next two weeks and I swear I’m not going to complain after the heatwave we got

Blood Goth Bauhaus Bela Lugosi’s Dead Moon Eclipse tonight visible from Toronto and the weather is not shit? What witchcraft is this?

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Spam subject: "How would you like unlimited hits to your website 15 minutes from now?" - That sounds like you're threatening a DOS attack.

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Some top 100,000 websites collect everything you type—before you hit submit

INCLUDING Facebook META! (and yes, email and passwords are being scrapped using these keyloggers)


or you are simply relying on memes to justify to yourself your hatred for mowing(I don’t blame you for that)

Removal of invasive species is laborious but much more effective. Learn to identify invasive plants, remove them and plant native. Dandelions won’t save bees.

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My gardening feed has been full of “no mow may”, “save the bees”, etc.

Then there’s a gardening group I follow where only actual scientists are allowed to post. The difference in discourse is stunning.

Most memes have no science to back them up (no shit) and having a lawn full of dandelions is not any better for bees than a green lawn. Dandelions have low quality pollen that do not feed the bees.

You either invest in local native pollinating species on your garden

I can be easily convinced to do anything if there’s maple syrup involved

I don’t think it’s appropriate to send personal messages to a child but something I can reshare on my public profile that might interest a teenager and get her to read a book or watch a movie?

Her parents only watch Christian movies. Yes that kind of people. The girl is starting to look for the world out there and is interested in reading things.

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I have this childhood friend who became a rightwing crazy freak. We follow each other on insta and it’s weird. We don’t talk.

So her daughter added me on insta. It’s cool, lots of kids-of-friends follow me, I’m an auntie, I get it. But. Her daughter has a locked account, is 14 and I don’t think her daughter is becoming the person she expects her daughter to be. I like her daughter.

I want to help this girl. Any ideas?

My family is southern Italian and the Mediterranean genes really pop this time of the year when I start getting a tan - my skin gets golden and I really love the way it looks. I can get sunburned if I don’t wear sunscreen but when I do, it really looks fantastic. I look a pale yellow if I don’t get sun exposure, so it’s very refreshing to look at myself in the mirror and feel healthy again.

I’m wondering how is El Salvador doing since they were supposed to have adopted bitcoin as official currency last year.

If Elon musk commits a crime, does he become a.. Felon?

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aviation, international date line 

I saw that Qantas is restoring their Sydney to Santiago flight, their only connection to South America.

This takes 13 and a half hours to cross the South Pacific, landing 90 minutes before it takes off thanks to the international date line. :D

No in-flight wifi service though... bring a book or something to watch!

It's 30C / 86F in Toronto, blue skies, mid-May, I have a sunburn, am wearing a tank top, it's Friday and my last meeting ends at 2pm.


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