I think one of the hardest problems about being a software engineer is explaining concepts to someone with no context into something you’ve been deep in the weeds on.

It’s also hard on the other side to understand a problem that you have no context into when it’s explained by someon with dee knowledge and experience.

It’s all about communication

@redgreenrefactor Then again, why do you feel that you need to explain it? Most people are perfectly fine with cursory understanding of these things.

@deshipu that’s a really good thought. Most people have a sense of when they really need to know the details of something and when a high level overview will do

@redgreenrefactor One case where this breaks is when they don't trust you, and want a rationalization for every single detail, but then you can't really work with them anyways, as your explanations will not be trusted either. I usually recommend they find someone they trust to do the job in such a situation.

@redgreenrefactor the longer I work as a swe the less I feel like I can properly communicate on anything, even with people working in the same toolchains.

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