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Trying to think of an analogy for the role of a lead developer where the lead is laying down patterns of code for the rest of the team to follow. Right now all I can think of is “showing the way”

I upped my and telescope game today by adding a keybinding to send telescope results to trouble.nvim

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To me, Twitter feels like walking in late to a huge party where you don’t know anyone and everyone already has their own friend group. Everyone is vying for attention and aren’t being themselves.

Mastodon feels like being with a small group of welcoming people that you don’t know yet, but feel immediately connected to

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There's a topic discussion system on the Fedivsere called Guppe, which functions a bit like old-fashioned email discussion lists.

The way it works is this:

1. You can find discussion topics listed at

2. Follow a topic's account address to follow the discussion. The account address format is @ TopicName @ (but without the spaces).

3. Mention the topic's account address in your own post to add it to the discussion

For example, the "Plants" discussion is happening at @ plants @ (but without the spaces), and if you follow this account you'll see the discussion's posts in your timeline. If you @ this account in a post, your post will be added to the "Plants" discussion.

If you want to leave the discussion, just unfollow the topic's account.

If you want to create a new topic, search for "AT (new topic) AT".

#FediTips #Fediverse #Discussions #Groups #Guppe

I think one of the hardest problems about being a software engineer is explaining concepts to someone with no context into something you’ve been deep in the weeds on.

It’s also hard on the other side to understand a problem that you have no context into when it’s explained by someon with dee knowledge and experience.

It’s all about communication

The HP Dev One looks amazing, but I’ve been so pleased with the M1 MacBook Air that it will probably be a few years before I look into buying another Linux desktop.

I meant this in the way that I just keep coming back to vim after trying different editors but I guess it works as a “vim is hard to quit” joke too haha

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Pomodoro is so in grained in my workflow now that I hardly think about it, but it has been so valuable for my productivity

Option 3: Add a column to the table specifically for the link. This is probably the cleanest technically, but could cause problems for wide tables where horizontal real estate is an issue

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Option 2: Put an anchor tag in each row either by wrapping each row or absolutely positioning an anchor inside. The downside of this approach is it makes selecting content inside the cells hard. This is the route I usually go with

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Option 1: Route to the details page on click with JavaScript. This is my least favorite because users are unable to wheel-click the table rows to open in new tab since there’s not actually an anchor tag. It’s usually the easiest to implement, however

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A common UX pattern I’ve run into in my career is a data table where clicking on a row routes to a new page with more details on the record. What’s the best way to handle this? I can think of three approaches

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