I wonder why people are still happily forking on GitHub after we moved to @codeberg


@ashimokawa how is the experience in @codeberg? I'm looking for alternative platforms for collaboration

@rdg @codeberg

Experience is similar to github, but @codeberg is community funded and uses exclusively free software to run its services.

Github offers more features of course, who can match such a huge billion dollar company backed think?

Just try and delete your account if you do not like it ;)

@ashimokawa @codeber looks great!

Of course, but only looking for basic features: issues, forks/PR, etc.

I'm currently trying to import the issues from github as well, not sure if its possible. It would be great if we have something like ActivityPub for repos.

PS: beware of code melting :)

It is possible to import everything, except code reviews inside PRs and reactions to comments.

But beware that non merged PRs become local branches on @codeberg if you import PRs

@ashimokawa @codeberg sounds fantastic :)

I will try again later, as there must be something I'm missing in the process: I'm only getting the git repo.

@rdg @codeberg
You have to supply your github login/pw or token so that you can migrate (needed to use the API without restrictions), then the checkboxes appear where you can select issues/PRs etc

@ashimokawa @codeberg thanks, now it worked! I should had read more carefully 😅

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