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💜 Today, we honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr., who cared deeply and followed his dream to help create a more just and equitable world.

Please consider joining us in reflecting and giving to the King Center this : bit.ly/3n3HmJl

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Finally broke into the 170s an hit 50lbs lost this morning!

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📺 And... we're live!

Tune in now to learn about our joint research with @Claroty, which uncovered vulnerabilities intrinsic to how parsers deal with URLs.

Featuring: @bagder (creator of cURL), Noam Moshe, @h4ck3r_ky13, and @_clarkio.

🔗: twitch.tv/snyklive

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🚨⚠️ Important update on turn of events:

The maintained of said colors npm package released about an hour ago a new version 1.4.2 that now pushes the code that triggers the infinite loop to another file in the package: safe.js for those using this other API:

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my parents kept all of our old schoolwork and report cards in giant files, then gave those files back to me and my siblings over the holiday. this one best describes my perf to this day- strong urge to ditch first and last period to smoke weed with friends. otherwise pretty solid

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😲 Our joint research with @Claroty uncovered vulnerabilities intrinsic to how parsers deal with URLs!

Don't miss this upcoming session on Jan. 11 with @bagder, creator of cURL, Noam Moshe from the Claroty research team, @h4ck3r_ky13, and @_clarkio!

🔗: twitch.tv/snyklive

I’m always so jealous reading these! I gotta start copying you :D
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Yeehaw! I finished and published my annual year in review blog post. Highlights:

❤️ Fully vaccinated and boosted
👩‍🎓 Abbie graduated high school
📕 Published a new @InfoQ mini-book

I only have one goal for 2022: smile more. 😃



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For those that are waiting for my follow-up blog/tutorial from Wednesday's talk about , I've not forgotten you, it's just taking a little longer to write it. I plan to have it out by mid-week. Thx for your patience!

Omg looks amazing!
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Family gingerbread competition. My house is ready for an ERCOT winter, complete with solar panels, Tesla wall batteries and a fully charged up car on its EVSE!


Security in context: When is a CVE not a CVE? | Snyk buff.ly/3q4Jgd9 <--- Excellent article by two of my wonderful @snyksec colleagues: @mattj_io and Asaf!

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🧵 If you're using Snyk, here’s how you can see if you're using the vulnerable versions of . A thread:

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shout out to @rdegges and @snyksec for sending over this amazing book! Finished the first two chapters, it's really interesting. Thanks!

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Delighted to be speaking at @devseccon ⚡️. The entire lineup is 🔥and there are sessions all across the world! Check it out: devseccon.com/lightning/

I'll be sharing a real-life story about this =) Should be fun! <3 And it has nothing to do with Bitcoin, either!
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Join @rdegges, head of developer relations & community at @snyksec, as they deliver their 15 minute lightning talk "How to lose 500k in 5 minutes"! Register for DevSecCon Lightning now: bit.ly/3nZ5bRJ

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Join @afitnerd, Director of DevSecOps acceleration @snyksec, as they deliver their 15 minute lightning talk on "Blasting Browser Security with Extensions"! Register for DevSecCon Lightning now: bit.ly/3nZ5bRJ

Reminder: DevSecCon ⚡ starts NEXT FREAKIN' WEEK!@!! buff.ly/2YyNy2F It's a short one-day conference (in 3 different timezones!) made up entirely of 15-minute lightning talks organized by the DevSecOps community!

If you're into you will NOT want to miss this!

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