TIL: this is what an undersea internet cable looks like. What an absolute unit.

@rdegges I want to know what each of those clusters are for. There had to be a reason why there is so much insulation between some of them, but hell if I know

@rgegriff @rdegges The biggest ones look like copper so they might be power for the repeaters... I read somewhere they use low voltage but insanely high currents to not need conversion electronics to drive the repeaters

@phel @rgegriff @rdegges
But then it makes no sense that there are three copper wires


More evidence for my theory that coax is the most annoying to coil...

@rdegges Well, "internet" cables are all fibre now. That is an impressive cable, but it clearly has three phase power transmission in it. Nice though.

@rdegges Uhm.. nope. That's not internet. That's power.A high-voltage, 3-phase AC submarine power cable, to be precise.

@attilakinali @rdegges *conspiracy theory voice* If there's no little underwater-snail and some algae on it, I don't believe it's a submarine power cable :blobcatgiggle:

@rdegges why would it have giant bundles of copper i there, with lots of insolation around it too?

I think this is a power cable with a bunch of extra functions?

@rdegges What do these multiple contained cables do? And why it's mostly copper? I thought I would see much more fiber cables in there or am I not seeing them?

Still curious. Has a outerworld aesthetics to it.

Something similar is being used to offer services to african people, but without the goal of gaining agreement from them.

Fiber is really, really tiny: There are hundreds of them at least in this cable. Some of the smaller cables. I'm pretty sure the copper ist to provide power for the Repeaters.
@rdegges that looks more like a undersea power cable..... you don't need that much copper for the data. ;)
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