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The term for this sort of rhetoric is “accusation in a mirror,” and scholars of genocide identify it as a major warning sign when political leaders start talking like this. twitter.com/accountablegop/sta

Chrome’s new ad-blocker-limiting extension platform will launch in 2023 buff.ly/3E3KAW3 <- the moment they block adblocking is the exact moment I’m switching off Chrome for good. I refuse to view ads of any sort. It’s a 1000% dealbreaker.

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Hi Friends, Looking for a expert to discuss about the domain and new changes that are happening around.
If you know any one or you are on, I would love to catch up with you and discuss the things, I have in Mind.

Woo! My boy @benarent will be speaking at next month's @devseccon Bay Area meetup! He'll be talking about Developer Dirty Secrets >:D Go register and come! buff.ly/3Co32ru

Dandelion has claimed this couch poof as her own. It’s pretty much the only place she likes to hang out in the living room. instagram.com/p/CjGd3dtvSXY/?i

This week we’re discussing chapters 3-4 of Alice & Bob Learn Application Security <3
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Want to learn more about security with a bunch of like-minded folks?

Join the DevSecOps Security Book Club with @rdegges!

Join us! ⬇️ bit.ly/3q4j0zR

Introducing the new Snyk UI | Snyk buff.ly/3SGJbZD <-- Excited for this -- looks really nice =D

Santa Cruz is A Housing Nightmare buff.ly/3rv28Dj <--- This is super sad. I went to UCSC and have relatives there. It's a beautiful city, but housing is an absolute nightmare. Zoning laws and building rules need to be modified to allow for more housing to be built. Crazy.

My good buddy @mrinal is currently speaking live about application security @devseccon (Bay Area). You can watch it live on YouTube here: youtube.com/watch?v=_GYcaYyXuK <333

DevSecCon Lightning 2022 is almost here! It's a fabulous, free, DevSecOps-focused event that consists of ONLY LIGHTNING TALKS >:D Go register! <333 buff.ly/3SE1zlS

The temple they’re building down the street is looking so cool. @ Concord, California instagram.com/p/CjBsFsRvRLa/?i

This is the work from home view most people don’t see when I’m on those Zoom calls: an incredibly lazy dog sleeping in my lap. <333 instagram.com/p/CjBilhjvATx/?i

Someone is pretending to be me. buff.ly/3Rifnl7 <--- This was an amazingly interesting read.

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iPhone be like "Trust this computer? Yes/No" and I'm like "No. Never trust a computer. Any computer."

Happening later today! If you’re in the bay area, feel free to come! <3
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To be private and secure by-design, applications must have granular control over every trust and access decision.

Tomorrow at @devseccon hosted by @rdegges at ⁦
@stepzen_dev HQ. We'll deep dive into this topic.

Join us 👉

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The is another step toward transparency in California elections! SIGN THE PETITION asking @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom to sign by @BenAllenCA & @CommonCauseCA to make sure we know who's lobbying. I just did! CLICK HERE: bit.ly/sign-sb459-gov

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