Hello friends >:D @snyksec is hiring a few DevRel peeps: you should apply ASAP!

A Senior Security Advocate: snyk.io/jobs/senior-security-a

A Developer Advocate: snyk.io/jobs/developer-advocat

Anddddd, our first Developer Advocate in Japan! snyk.io/jobs/developer-advocat

I'd love to work with ya!

Today's my first day @snyksec <333 I've been a fan of their product/team/company for a while now, and I'm really happy to be working with such great people on such a great product.

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@reverentgeek Who needs enemies when you’ve got Regex

Question for all of my programming friends with kids: are there any cool events/books/etc. to teach kids how to program? A relative of mine is interested but I don't have kids and have absolutely no idea what programming-friendly stuff there is for kiddos nowadays.

Yo -- what notes app do you all use? I was using Google Keep pretty much all the time, but recently switched to using Apple devices and now I'm sorta tempted to use Apple Notes. But... I also use *nix on the desktop and can't access them there :(((

Today is officially my last day @okta! I'm going to miss everyone a lot, but excited to take a bit of time off and do something new =)


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Burnout is real.

I’m leaving my job at the end of the month. It’s not anything to do with the job. I just can’t do it anymore.

I’m also leaving the tech industry at the end of the month.

Burnout is real.

Paul Graham's recent article, "A Project of One's Own" is excellent. Definitely take a few minutes to read it if you can: paulgraham.com/own.html I agree with this wholeheartedly.

My own personal projects have been some of the most rewarding things I've ever done!

This weekend I'm hacking on a small REST -> GraphQL API conversion project using @stepzen_dev -- really fun! The platform is really coming along nicely =D Highly recommend checking it out if you are doing anything related.

DevSecCon is returning June 23-24! One of my favorite developer/security conferences every year =D devseccon.com/devseccon24-2021 They always have great speakers and good talks. Go sign up!

Went to split up a video file on my Mac just now. Got to the CLI and realized I didn't have `ffmpeg` installed. So figured I'd just do a quick `brew install ffmpeg` and be good to go. An hour later and I'm still waiting. Forgot how long it takes to build ffmpeg, heh.

Why Prefetch Is Broken jefftk.com/p/why-prefetch-is-b <--- This is super interesting. Did not know this =/

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