Chef just made me an awesome cauliflower rice bowl with spam, eggs, etc. Yummmm. I <333

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Want to know how to secure streams with and ? Learn all about it in our latest tutorial!


Nice rainy day in the bay area today. Feels good being inside listening to the rain.

hacker-quotes is one of my favorite plugins. It prints an awesome hacker quote every time you open the terminal. I've been using it for a year or so now and love it. What are your favorites?

One of my friends is hiring a developer advocate (remote). It's a cool company with great APIs. You'd be the first advocate there! Check it out <333

I am having such an amazing weekend. Celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary with (my favorite person of all time) and have been relaxing at home playing video games.

Welp, today was great. Wrapped up and had a blast. Now I'm officially on vacation for a week. Time to decompress! If anyone needs me, I'll be playing steam games, messing around with my new Oculus Quest, and spending time with my foster dog <3

Woo. Watching's talk on Security Patterns for Microservice Architectures right now at <333

Keep staying at home in California. (I live in Contra Costa County, this data is fascinating...) So glad we have stay at home orders right now. I don't want anyone to die :(

Roxanne and I are happy to do our part to help. We're personally committing $500,000 to the OFG COVID-19 Response Fund. We're also matching your donations dollar for dollar. Pease join us to help. Text "GIVE" to (855)705-6657 Visit

Watching's excellent talk at right now <333

Welp, back for the 2nd and final day of . Yesterday was awesome, hah. Great talks, the live chat thing is cool. I liked it a lot. If you wanna join our virtual security conference, you can still do it all day!

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"Cryptography turns hard security problems into hard key management problems" at

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