One of my favorite parts of visiting other countries is looking at all the weird candies they have in convenience stores :D Never seen a Milkybar before! <3

Another update for my pythonista friends. Be sure to submit a talk to PyColorado 2019 ( if you wanna hang out in a cool city with a bunch of amazing peeps like and <333

Come hack on fun security stuff with me >:D We're hiring a Senior Developer Advocate (Java). Looking for a fun Java hacker to join our team and make the internet a little safer ;)

Work with and me!

tfw when you hop on a video call with a coworker and then realize you're both in the same office 😂

I'm bummed I won't be there this year. Going to be attending a wedding.

If you're a Pythonista looking to make friends and build up your hacker cred, you should definitely submit a talk to PyGotham ( in the next few weeks before their CFP closes. Great conference, cool location (NYC), and awesome peeps.


1/ I might not be able to go to any PyCons or DjangoCons this year, but I'm doing what I can so others get to go. Why?

Saved by the Schema: Using JSON Schema to Document, Test, and Debug APIs (great article on using JSON schema to document + debug APIs) <333

Holy shit. Have you all watched "Our Planet" on yet?! Amazing show -- most beautiful cinematics I've ever seen. It's an incredibly powerful, moving show. A+++ everyone should watch this.

I'm excited to come back for a 2nd year!! Especially with all my friends :D has become one of my favorite events of the year!
supremely excited to be selected to talk at @ThatConference! Dig it: https:/ Also psyched that friends and colleagues @quorralyne @caseysoftware @mraible @rdegges @reverentgeek were selected …

"How to Configure Better Web Site Security with Cloudflare and Netlify"

Thanks :D
this article by @rdegges about localstorage is so great I want to put in a frame and hang on the wall

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