Bye Sydney :( It is so sad to leave you. But now onto Melbourne! <3

Australia had the best coffee. Every time I'm here I'm reminded of how much better it is that what we have in the US.

Just published an article about how I manage my personal finances on my site. Haven't written there in a while. Trying to do a bit more writing this year =)

Even if you know exactly what you want to say -- it still takes forever.

Making good slides takes a really long time. I always forget how much effort it is to build a new talk from scratch.

This is pretty brilliant. A simple JS library that lets you easily provide "dark mode" for your websites. Love it! darken:

Over the last month I organized my personal Google Drive account. It took me forever.

My next big task is to organize my Google Drive account at work. I just took a look in there and... it's bad y'all. Real bad. I'm legitimately afraid. Wish me luck.

Any of you amazing bastards want to come work with me? We're hiring a technical marketing manager, which is essentially a junior developer advocate. If this looks cool to you, hit me up and I'll connect you with the dude who's hiring:

Wanna go to in beautiful Colorado with me this year (March 24-27)? Register here! <--- They gave me a discount code that'll get you $50 off. It's LEARNWITHME

RT @aaronpk
I'm working on a 2020 revision to my book, OAuth 2.0 Simplified!

If you find a typo or other error that I am not already aware of, I will send you an OAuth cat sticker! Send me an email or DM with details if you find something!

I'm not feeling the async pressure | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings

This is pretty neat. Just learned that is hosting a video game tournament in Orange County on Jan 23. It's free to come if you wanna play video games and hang out with other developer friends (and maybe win a Nintendo Switch)! <333

I will be speaking at this March in Colorado for the first time everrrrr. <3333

Regular registration ends soon, if you want to come go sign up for a ticket now!

CYA there =D

Highest Paying Companies of 2019.pdf <--- Super interesting look at salaries for engineers in the bay area

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