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How cool are these puddle lights? We've partnered with @Abstract_Ocean@twitter.com for our June contest. RT & subscribe to our Tesla unofficial newsletter here tslttr.com/contest-june for a chance to win a pair of their awesome led puddle lights. Good luck!

You know you're at LAX when you request an Uber and the driver's eta to reach you is 21 minutes (and he's < 1 mile away), heh.

I love that I'm able to watch Always Sunny on an airplane while flying in a huge metal bird over the ocean. Technology is so cool.

I dunno how people are surviving international travel all the time. My internal clock is so messed up.

Definitely buying sleeping pills for tomorrow night >:0

I just had my first non-decaf coffee in a month or so and holy shit I AM SO WIRED RIGHT NOW.

I'm finally all in on Google Keep. After years and YEARS of bouncing between note apps, I've finally consolidated my life in there.

Can't tell you how good it is to just have every note in one fucking place! <3

I'm in London. I made it! The only downside? I now realize how dumb I sound with a California accent. Everyone around me sounds sooooo smart.

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@oktadev@twitter.com and all the cool people I work with that share their knowledge: twitter.com/oktadev/lists/the-


Heading to the airport now. Can't wait to see London for the first time! I feel so sophisticated.

This is me every single time I see Seinfeld on TV. I'll never *not* watch Seinfeld if the opportunity presents itself. :D

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*google an issue*
* find relevant GitHub Issue*
> Ah, 2017! This must've been fixed by now!
*scroll through 4 pages*
_h4t0n commented 7 days ago_
> any progress on this?


"Chuck Norris could easily make a single app run on all of the platforms iOS, Android, and Windows - without any frameworks or tools. Most of the rest of us could probably do with some help." <--- HAHAHAHAH: developer.okta.com/blog/2019/0

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So good to see @rdegges@twitter.com at today! Finally after all these years!

Ps @jsoverson@twitter.com y’all have to meet to talk security (and I got you a matching shirt)

I dunno if any of you have used @Headspace@twitter.com before, but if you haven't I highly recommend it. It's a great guided meditation app. I use it to relax and help fall asleep almost every night. Been a total game changer for me helping me to relax and deal with anxiety. A+++

Tesla boom lifts Norway's electric car sales to record market share - Reuters reuters.com/article/us-norway- <--- I love Norway

Go Lee!!
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We can hardly contain our excitement! Lee Brandt will be presenting "A Developer's Guide To Docker" this year at . @leebrandt . Have you got your tickets? Early bird pricing ends Sunday. Head to tickets.musiccitytech.com to get yours.

On my way to Disney World in Orlando right now for the @DEVintersection@twitter.com conference! So cool having a programming conference in Disney :D I'll be there with @leebrandt@twitter.com if any of y'all wanna hang out sometime!

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