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this is who all your failed sudos get reported to

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This is so cool! I *love* the new security related checkboxes on the Spring Initializr including - drumroll - @okta@twitter.com / @oktadev@twitter.com and of course the Spring Security 5 OAuth client and resource server support

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That’s a wrap for Q4 2018 earnings! 77% y/y growth in Q4 revenue, $1B+ revenue guide for 2019, with a best in class growth rate at scale. And huge welcome Khozema and Sameer!


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Um hi dev friends, I decided that what would really make an awesome software engineering event would be massages, smoothies, and a space to work on projects surrounded by great folks. Join me on Monday the 25th? meetup.com/PyLadiesSF/events/2

Fuckkkk. I relate to this so deeply.
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This was me and my email inbox today

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I just posted the slides from my talk last week!

OAuth: When Things Go Wrong


My awesome coworker/friend @afitnerd@twitter.com just joined the @oktadev@twitter.com evangelist team. Check out his easter-egg filled, @twilio@twitter.com powered intro post <3 developer.okta.com/blog/2019/0 So cool.

Aw. Miss you both! Sounds fun :D
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What's better than sitting in the Google Fiber space working in KC? When it includes industry friends like @leebrandt. What's even better than that? When your friend becomes your coworker! @okta @oktadev

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I quit drinking coffee back in December for health reasons, so here's my thinkpiece on living my best life without caffeine:

I've wanted to murder everyone for the past two months and still do.

That's it. That's the post. Thank you.

I don't really have any caption for this except wtf, this is cute: v.redd.it/opaq3pj2pyf21

Are you a developer who is also good at marketing and wants to do a marketing-type role? @oktadev@twitter.com is hiring a developer marketing manager: okta.com/company/careers/marke You'd work with me and most of the other @oktadev@twitter.com crew. Pretty cool place I think. Hit me up if you're interested.

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TypeScript is flying off the shelves! Ask your doctor if @typescriptlang@twitter.com is right for you! developer.okta.com/blog/2019/0

I'm writing an email and just realized it's been 20 minutes of me looking for the right gif to send at the bottom. I spend way too much time on this shit. =p

I'm watching a talk @PyTennessee@twitter.com where @gtback@twitter.com is just live coding a simple Python ORM. What a cool talk! <3

Anyone know how many programmers work at NASA?

BTW, thanks to everyone who came to see my @PyTennessee@twitter.com talk earlier today. It was really fun hanging out with you all. If you want to see my slides, here they are: speakerdeck.com/rdegges/jwts-s <333 Much love.

Also, can someone tell me what app I should be using for keeping in touch with family now that Hangouts is being deprecated? Something that supports chat, video, etc.

I really wish @speakerdeck@twitter.com allowed for animations in their slides. They have the best website ever, but not having animations sorta sucks :(

Woa. @PyTennessee@twitter.com is packed AF this morning.

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