AT&T is promoting “fiber” in my area that’s only 300mbps. Wat?

I'm sooo excited for this! If you're on the East Coast, please come and hang with us! <333
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🍎 Announcing our next location — New York City!

Join us from Sep. 13-15 for product roadmaps, customer stories, developer security insights & Developer Day with competitive, hands-on hacking.

Get a "Snyk peek" of what to expect & register:

Friends who run Discord servers: what's the engagement rate of your users? I'm trying to find some average figures and would love any responses! <3

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I have some personal news 👀

Today is my last day at Google! 🛫🏝🌅

I am leaving to take a long break from full-time employment and explore different ways Open Source maintainers can get paid.

I want to make a thing, starting with Go cryptography!

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Having students/customers all around the world in and building our small but vital community is something that I cannot appreciate enough!

And this is just the beginning.

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OMG, so excited to see this go live! I'm super excited to be working more with @hashishrajan, Shilpi, and their super cute dog, Simba <333
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🥳 We’re happy to announce that the @CloudSecPod is now powered by Snyk, and we’re proud to welcome @hashishrajan and Shilpi Bhattacharjee!

Learn more about our partnership and the exciting things ahead for the cloud security community.

Code Generated by GitHub Copilot Can Introduce Vulnerabilities: Researchers | <--- This is about a year old. Wonder how much Co-Pilot has improved since then. Super interesting research.

These are prestigious! Submit! Go go go!
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Last year, Tanya Janca won the award for most "Inspiring DevSecCops Individual" 🏆. If you know someone who has had significant contributions to the field, don't forget to nominate them for this years DevSecCon Leadership Awards!

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96% of Republicans said women shouldn’t have the right to birth control and men shouldn’t have the right to condoms. In 2022.

And whoever picked the venue did an awesome job. Such a great event space. Super cozy :D

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The @Accel Connect event developer event they have running right now is awesome. So many great people here! Already made a bunch of friends <333

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Did you miss yesterday's DSC SF Bay Area event 🌉? @rdegges delivered an amazing talk on the ""12 Factors of Pain and Suffering.

Watch the session on demand!

This means that every time I use their biometric auth I now need to move my mouse to the center of the screen and click the annoying button that blocks all my other work. This essentially removes 99% of the convenience of biometric auth, IMO. And I see no way to disable it.

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Been testing out Windows Hello lately (their video camera biometric auth stuff). It works decently well, but... Huge user experience issue. Even if it detects you PROPERLY it still makes you click a stupid "hello" button for no reason at all.

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