Good morning from Kobe, Japan. I’m here for ICANN 64... a techie at a policy conference... a fish out of water

Command line but repo explorer. Yes!!!!!


commit/branch/workdir explorer for git. Contribute to isacikgoz/gitin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Pretty cool. Got neomutt compiled with the ldbm backend, and it is blazing fast with imap. eye candy too

This is a very entertaining and informative article. Even if you aren't into Rust, just the historical context and the basic issues are fascinating...

Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust?

Bryan Cantrill explores Rust, explains why it has captured the imagination of so many systems software engineers, and outlines where it might best fit in the deep stack of operating system software.

Presentation: Is It Time to Rewrite the Operating System in Rust?

Are you ready for DNS Flag Day? | APNIC Blog

Guest Post: DNSSEC authoritative server operators need to prepare themselves for upcoming DNS maintenance happening this January.

Good article.

AWS, MongoDB, and the Economic Realities of Open Source

Amazon’s latest offering highlights the economic challenges facing open source companies — and Amazon should pay attention.

My coworkers are constantly hiding “Easter eggs” in my office (I always leave it open). Came in this morning to find this over my name plate.

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