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If you're in the DC-area, a new instance just went up catering to the DC tech/enthusiast community. Check it out. Give it a spin.


Good morning from Kobe, Japan. I’m here for ICANN 64... a techie at a policy conference... a fish out of water

Today, ICANN org issued a notification to gTLD registries and registrars of the requirement to implement an RDAP service by 26 August 2019.


A co-worker today referred to our on-premises cloud as “the local fog”

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You know what else is rude? Telling New York Times opinion writers to go fuck themselves. But I can still do it!

In my last post I show how the US Congress did something stupid... but they apparently have some stiff competition.

Hyperlink Taxes? Meme Bans? E.U. Pushes Forward with Massively Terrible Copyright Regulations


Yes, Congress has granted the President power to take over the airwaves, the Internet and even confiscate your laptop in times of a national emergency.


This is interesting.

BBC News: Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo jet as sales slump

BBC News - Airbus scraps A380 superjumbo jet as sales slump

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Command line but repo explorer. Yes!!!!!


commit/branch/workdir explorer for git. Contribute to isacikgoz/gitin development by creating an account on GitHub.


Virginia Democrats 

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this article is catnip to me: description of ongoing work on low-level concurrency primitives in rust stjepang.github.io/2019/01/29/

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Linux, systemd 

Perhaps the best talk I've ever seen on the topic of systemd.

The Tragedy of Systemd

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