@kennymeyer the fact that open bazaar doesn’t run in the browser makes it disappointing. I know why they do it, but it’s still frustrating.

@kennymeyer do you have a beta? Is it going to run in the browser? How does it compare to open bazaar?

@fabre_gregori is the blockchain thing really necessary? Kind of an eye roll for me. Make flying taxis first. Then pay for them.

Who should I follow on Mastodon? I want to make this a primary social network but I need a community.

mental healthcare 

@ashfurrow have you checked out Talkspace? Just curious.

I'm Randall, and I really like video (production, encoding, shooting, distribution, etc.) I'm cofounder of a startup called Vidpresso. I code. (JS frontend mostly right now.)

I really want to make video more like HTML, with moving a lot of the video processing from the production side to the client.

I also have dreams of implementing a distributed protocol to federate video creators together similar to mastodon. I find this place interesting and hope it works.

@dulanyweaver I don't think you're gonna get a specific answer to this in a low traffic place like this, but you will get some empathy: good luck.

My dad's on hospice now. I set it up. I feel sad. ama. 😃

Is there a way to import followers from twitter or something? I'm just getting started... help me un-noob.

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