Interesting and opposite take to directive Article13 criticism of and in MusicTechPolicy blog:

"Europarliament explains Article 13 and Google's fake "Lobbying"

Mentions Orwell: "War is Piece, Freedom is Slavery, Copyright is Censorship"

Who is right, who is wrong??

@rapnie that "European Parliament" Q&A is written by Axl Voss, in his position as chair of the JURI committee. His claim to speak on behalf of all MEPS (and all JURI) is one reason why this has got so out of control. Julia Reda is on the same commitee, and has v. different ideas. The CULT committee also disagreed.

Here's an article by a watchdog oeg, explaining who lobbied for what:

Wow, this is a good article! What a mess. Thank you for posting.

@mala @rapnie

Enlightening. Will post this to our community forum. Added the earlier link too, to have an opposite opinion to earlier thread. This adds some balance between the two.

Might post to Hacker News too. Seems appropriate discussion matter.

@mala @rapnie

In fact, the #HackerNews entry is now here:

#EU #Copyright Directive: how competing #business #lobbies drowned out critical voices

Hope it makes it to the front page.

@rapnie the copyright mafia are wrong. Claiming that a grassroots activism effort that some companies also support is astroturf sponsored by those companies is a classic PR move. When FB were getting a lot of shit over the #CambridgeAnalytica scandal, FB worked with Definers, a conservative PR company, to churn out astroturf hit pieces on Apple and Google:

@rapnie I'm assuming that part of this strategy was trying to smear watchdog groups like the #EFF as being a astroturf mouthpiece for #SiliconValley. Case in point, this baffling piece of self-contradictory muck-raking:

Which now makes sense to me in the context of the FB damage control tactics discussed in the #NYTimes article.

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