Any good reading material on how et al implemented (other than spec itself, or perusing the codebase).

I mean , , spec impl details, etc.

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@rapnie I'm currently writing an article (in French but I hope i will have time to translate it in English) explaining how I implemented ActivityPub in this little POC (, with the help of PeerTube's developer


Yes, I have read that one. Good article indeed. But its about the only one that is that detailed. Other than that I can only find info in the code, or in GH issues and the like. Not much written about architecture, design choices, spec implementation details (spec allows so much flexibility.. too easily create something incompatible)

@rapnie I totally agree with you, there is not much detailed informations out there, that's why I am working on an article in the first place ! As you described, to implement it in my POC, I mainly had to search in PeerTube's code (cuz it was NodeJS). I've also done a load of federation test with a local Mastodon to fully understand how the protocol works, and the choices that were made to overcome the lack of precision in the spec

@rapnie @starfish I plan to write a few blog posts once I have gotten a bit further down the line with my implementation. Any specific topics you are interested in? IMO the challenge so far is in the ambiguity of all the elements around AP, which are not required in the spec but necessary to use in a real implementation e.g. WebFinger, HTTP Signatures, Auth, Data Storage etc.

@rapnie I made a high level one here (PDF copies of the presentation should be available):

@rapnie Probably not what you're looking for since it is specific to go-fed and not the applications you listed, but still wanted to share.

@cj oh, no, it is quite good! some high-level considerations and some code challenges.. i am looking into a Java (vert.x) server, but things are similar (like IntransitiveActivity inheriting from Activity, but having less props). thx for sharing!

@rapnie great question! I've been looking for stuff like this for Dreamwidth. Is there anything at, or the #W3C Social WG that meets your needs?

Sorry for late response.. just reading this now. looks very cool. Wasn't aware of it.

I am a big fan of and found the DW issue for it:

Really interesting :)

> Sorry for late response

Thanks for being so considerate. But the fediverse is an asynchronous medium, no need to apologize for taking your time to respond. I appreciate you following up at all :-)

BTW I do the same thing all the time but I starting to challenge it as part of a wider attempt to be self-aware about how I use the net, and how I feel about it.

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