This on client called Pinafore makes it so much easier to use Mastodon →

@le_ArthurDent this made my day, thank you so much!

New episode coming soon! 🙂

I wrote a small introduction to the mathematical idea of proving theorems by contradiction. Let me know what you think

Finally moved from Gmail to Fastmail for personal mail. It's wonderful, and all 3rd party clients work properly (unlike with gmail's weird custom IMAP).

Really hoping to ditch Chrome too, but Firefox for Mac with retina displays is too sluggish...

@kaushalmodi thanks for the intro!

To be honest, I already use Emacs as my daily editor, even though I didn't push it at all. Projectile, Magit and multiple cursors package gave me everything I needed. Sure, occasional quirks still annoy me from time to time, but I haven't had sublime open for a couple of weeks now.

Keep in mind that I don't do serious programming at the moment, so my needs are pretty simple compared to full time developers.

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