It turns out all you need to get wide spread covid-19 testing is for wealthy residents of your town to fund it. I don't think that will scale.

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Well it took over a year but we managed to get Google Fonts removed from the Mozilla Rust project. Thanks to everyone who helped out and supported this.

Devs don’t let devs add surveillance to their tools.


There is more than a whiff of rising desperation.

Trump's handling of the pandemic, according to the Financial times.

The Trump administration is largely succeeding in rolling back regulations as they promised. How hard will it be to reinstate the regulations that turn out to be necessary?

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Carl Malamud won his case about Public.Resource.Org republishing the Georgia laws: ("Held: The OCGA annotations are ineligible for copyright protection.")

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"It’s an underthought list of tech-lust thinking."
@berkun's response to
@pmarca's essay "Time to Build"

Marc Andreessen's call to action.
This has already made the rounds, but I just read it.

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A good visualization Rt, a key measure of how fast the virus is growing.

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Your Librem 5 is Calling

Default and pixel perfect. A snapshot of the preinstalled applications on the Librem 5.

#librem5 #privacy #security #linux

The battery on my iPad just ran out. I think that means it is time to go to sleep.

I have definitely read enough emails about how some company is supporting its' customers and employees through this crisis. I don't need any more of those. OK?

There is construction work going one near my home. I am not sure how this works with the shelter in place order.

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