Metroverse, from Harvard University's Growth Lab, makes visible what a city is good at today to help understand what it can become tomorrow based on its technological capabilities and knowledge

Wikivoyage is a free and editable travel guide for tourism, activities, cooking, and lodging worldwide

OpenStreetMap Americana Style wants to be the best vector tiles format for the USA data, inspired by the country's classic paper maps tradition

"Sentinel-1 RTC Product Guide" helps understand the derived Sentinel-1 datasets with radiometric terrain correction produced by the Alaska Satellite Facility (ASF)

Using a dataset by Morgane Laouenan et al., this interactive globe presents notable people's birth locations

The European Ground Motion Service provides coherent and reliable data about the natural and anthropogenic ground movement with millimetric precision for all countries participating in the Copernicus program

Crowdsourced neighborhood maps from around the world where anyone can draw and put labels (repost) learning program was designed to allow visitors to discover what open data is and how it is changing our lives

The European Drought Observatory publishes a vast quantity of downloadable information about droughts, and for the first days of July, it states that 45% of European territory is in warning conditions and 13% under alert

A 2020 study indicates that using a GPS for navigation negatively affects spatial memory, and the more the GPS is used, the biggest the impact over time

Visual Positioning Systems are associated naturally with Augmented Reality as one of the bridges between inherited spatial topics like maps, data, location, and world-building

Tren de Aragua, the largest criminal gang in Venezuela, is experienced in trafficking migrants and extorsion, and now it is also a transnational organization with permanent bases in different countries across South America

Gastronomic tourism for the adventurous: a map of the weirdest USA food by state, with special mention for Washington's geoduck

NASA's ten activities to meet the Earth Observation needs of USA federal agencies, including products for vegetation indices, air quality data, high-resolution imagery, etc.

A practical guide with 65 examples on creating interactive maps with Leaflet, with increasing difficulty

Gaia is an art piece by Luke Jerram artist, with a diameter of 7 meters and created from detailed NASA imagery; it offers the opportunity of seeing our planet floating in 3D

Games and photogrammetry: how Snipe Elite 5 games were captured from small objects to buildings, creating a seven people team and lots of technology

The severe drought in USA and Mexico puts in danger the bilateral cooperation agreements from 1906 and 1944 to supply bottled, farming, industrial, and agricultural water

After publishing the Paris urban furniture Atlas, Apur has designed a new interactive tool that allows users to select specific models and discover their location and distribution across the city

This tutorial teaches you to create hillshade maps to add a shadow effect to your ggplot2 R visualizations

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