Anyone up for some Elite Dangerous at Xbox One ?

Hi. Have you tried this AI Car Racing game? Where you train your own AI to compete against the Drucker AI..

Which tech/blog sites do you check daily? I am mostly going through neowin, wccftech, hackernews, slashdot and maybe engadget...

Anyone fancy a game of 2d battle royale in ? I've made a squad of 4, join if you want. I'll start in 10.

Ah.. Let me take another Ale.. Happy Summer!

Have you tried and their cloud resource pool? Their reseller, vps and shared plans is the worst thing I have experienced.

Ah... back on mastodon. Away from facebook. But it takes time.

Ah.. been away from mastodon, like a month. The warm weather has finally made its way to Denmark. Have I missed anything? FoMo!

I use teamviewer at work and are somewhat happy. But I were wondering if and what alternatives you're using. Is teamviewer the best or do you know a great alternative? And cheaper..

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Dear :
If i wanted a feed from a website i would have the feed from the website. Please don't litter the feed with unofficial feed bots that post hundreds of 'news' posts

Do you use ? What are your thoughts about it and shy shouldnt we use it instead of FB messenger?

I am looking for a cheap KVM storage server in EU. Have you seen any specials ?

Electric lawnmower or petrol powered lawnmower? What do you want?

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