QUnit 2.15

🐛 Fix TAP output to support cyclical objects.
🐛 Fix strict mode compatibility.
🕵️‍♂️ The test page's filter input now trims any whitespace to improve matching.

Thanks to Zachary Mulgrew, Edward Faulkner @ef4, Nathaniel Furniss, Ray Cohen, and Steve McClure for their contributions!

Details: github.com/qunitjs/qunit/relea
Download: qunitjs.com/intro/#release-cha

QUnit proudly joins ♻️ Reproducible Builds.

Today, the first release minted from our deterministic build process – QUnit 2.14. It was largely made possible by Rollup, with a couple of tweaks to ensure dist files use a date based only on information in the Git repository.


The SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH standard by @reproducible_builds made things easy to explain and document. No need to come up with our novel way!

QUnit 2.14

🏄‍♀️ New floating header on the test results page.
ℹ️ Accessibility improvements in the HTML reporter.
🦎 Official support for SpiderMonkey runtime.
🐛 Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Thanks to Bryan Crotaz and Steve McClure for their contributions!


QUnit 2.13

📦 Introduce native support for ES Modules.
ℹ️ Improve logging for leaked assertions.
🐛 Fix suiteEnd event bug involving filters.

Thanks Steve McClure, Stephen Yeung, and brandonocasey for their contributions!


QUnit 2.12.0


* New aliases for QUnit.test.only, QUnit.test.skip, and QUnit.test.todo.

* Support assert.throws() with arrow function as matcher.


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